Mystic Nights

Hello all, I haven’t done much in blender since near the beginning of the school year. But I decided to post an abstract painting I made with my Wacom Tablet. please enjoy :smiley:

P.S. I call it “Mystic Nights” (from title)


That’s quite neat. I think you wanted to show some water colour, that incidently has to with a storm like, sea atmosphere. I think a small bright lightening bolt, rather strategically placed is in order. Otherwise the image is worthy of a portfolio.

the bottom-middlish part of the picture is actually supposed to be the edge of a hill being illuminated by lights in the sky. And the blue and white at the top-right is the moon hidden behind clouds. Not water. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

ooooohhhhhhhh… That was so embarrasing on my part. If only there was a rock in your painting for me to crawl under for a month of Sundays. I read, well skimmed read this massive book on Art Theory and quite wrongly labeled your drawing from what I thought it be categorised as.

Lol, no problem it’s easy to confuse, it is abstract after all.