Mystic Tree

Scene done with bonsai kind tree from my thread - >


Looks quite cool actually, but especially the blue one is overexposed at many places. And the pyramid-like thing holding the tree is a bit noisy. Good job overall though!

Do you know the concept ‘cosmic tree’ in the study of religion’s symbolism ?
According to the theory, The humanrace has globally ‘cosmic tree’ in the myths.
That stands in the center of the cosmos.
If you intend to express it, that’s very interesting for me.
Anyway the pot must be replaced by the root. Then your picture will get more universality.

I didn’t know that ;] interesting theory :smiley:
thx for comments :slight_smile:

I think that the pot overpowers the tree a bit, perhaps a simpler container, and it would be nice to see some roots perhaps trying to get out of the pot, bot I love the background for this image! Also, the tree looks a bit too spectral, perhaps tone that down just a bit.

Good idea --I like it.

The tree (and attached stuff) needs some color to contrast with the rest of the picture. Right now there is no contrast at all in the picture.

Whatever color(s) you choose, just don’t make it cold (like everything is now).

I’d also add a bit of halo… but that’s me.

Nice work otherwise.

IMO it needs abit more emphasis on the tree if thats reallythe subject- and if not. . well good job