Mystique Shapeshifting X-Men Effects

Hello !
It’s a VFX of Mystique (X-MEN)

Comment and rate x)


Not bad! Not Bad at all!

Thank You x) !

Hum…still preferring the original girl version :stuck_out_tongue:

So… you mutated into yourself.

Lol no it’s my Brother :wink:
Open your eyes x)

Effect looks good! but since you two are brothers, with similar bone structure, height and skin color, and the vid lasts for only seconds,
I got to admit I didn’t perceived the change either, :smiley:

Hi man how did you do that effect? can you share your blend? or a tutorial?

Not only shift to another form, but do it while walking, jumping, fighting, etc. Then, we will applaud. Loudly.

Seriously, though, it’s a good start, and does lay the groundwork for more complex sequences.