Mythbusting Request

Hello all I would like to see a face modeling of Adam on Mythbusters. Can anyone do that. I figured who ever made the best face would be the face to submit to them. Maybe it will go on tv and we could get blender3d some advertisement.

as great as an idea as it sounds unfortunatly… they get ALOT of fan art and what not… go to thier main forums site and youll even find alot of fan sites on them yet NONE of it EVER makes it to thier show unless its myth related.

they cant even keep up with the traffic that hits thier main shows forms.
the mentos and soda vs the stomach thing had over 500 topic posts with over 4000 replies in them on the forums and they never even cnsidered doing it in show till someone made a fake vid of it on youtube… so that goes to show you that even the mainline forums for the show go ignored untell a “popular” site makes a deal out of it.

Shoot ok well how about we make a portrait of Steve Carrel just for fun. Maybe we could put up a portrait section.

anythign you do is ultimatly up to yo… i was jst pointing ot the futility of your desired end results for the mythbusters thing getting on the show.

Cool i just posted that becauseI can post but I can’t model