Myths and horror stories, please!

I would like to hear some myths and horror stories because I’m thinking of makeing a horror-based really humoristic RPG.

I got the idea from “Sleepy Hollow” (The movie by Tim Burton). When I saw it I would’ve laughed like hell at Christopher Walken as the Hessian Horseman, but unfortunately we were watching the movie with my class, so… :smiley:

Anyway, a humoristic RPG with slightly deformed and/or odd happenings and characters based on horror stories and myths.

1. A baron with armor as red as blood, and conveniently he is obsessed WITH BLOOOOODDD!!! Also talks a LOT about blood.

 2. A poetic werewolf who normally is a werewolf but turns into a normal wolf during a full moon! "This furry friend that you hold dear, at a full moon will not be near.." So, the wolf form can't be controlled and as a wolf it always takes 1 of 3 character spots in the battle because of its instincts (meaning that only 3 characters can be on the battlefield at the same time, and the wolf is one of them.)

 3. A narcoleptic zombie that falls asleep when it is most inaproppriate, dangerous or both. Also falls asleep during battle sometimes, but it is almost indestructible because of high regeneration. The sleep would also stop him (IT) from being used in some places that I do not want him to be used.

Well, what do you think? Also, please post possible ideas for odd characters and enemies for the game. You will of course be mentioned in the credits.


watch following movies:

  • van Helsing
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Hellboy
  • Dawn of the Death
  • Lucasfilm: Star Wars

watch following artworks and screenshots

read books, and much more to do. Just use your fantasy and watching suchs stuff makes you thinking about creating another character. We can’t help your fantasy, I’m lucky and I have a huge fantasy, but well you have to thinkg alone about it. :-?

How do you know that people created the above movies get there fantasy from? Yes students working on that project and people that love those styles of art or feelings. THink evil, think like a demon for horror movies. I do that too, just imagine yourself in a horror world and you’ll see what your fantasy is.

Just watch a movie like above, then at the night do a walk outside with the dogs or something and imagine you’re the evil monster from that movie. Then your fantasy will get working, you’ll see horrible world, monsters, and feelings.

This works for me, even when I listen to dance or trance I see the future, and when I watchs movies about horror or monsters I see the horror itself passing me :stuck_out_tongue:

Now do it, we can’t help you. :frowning:

Watch Alfred Hitchcok movies,Twilight Zone tv series was awesome the old original black and white ones…,Rosemary’s baby is a must watch horror/suspense flick the older horror flicks are usually better that the new ones IMO…

Thanks for the pointers! Anyway, what do you think about the characters?

to JD-multi: I’ve seen all but Van helsing and Dawn of the Death. (Do you mean dawn of the dead?)

I have War III and Frozen throne, I’ve been planning to lend something from them and also I’ve seen a LOT of War III artwork. I HAVE had Starcraft and Broodwars, but they’re kinda old nowadays…

[>] Oh, one more thing! This is the Werewolf’s greeting poem as a whole:

“This furry friend that you hold dear, at a full moon will not be near.
When I hear the nature’s call, I can not fight, I stumble and fall,
and turn into the beast that you do not see, to the only thing haunting me…”

(Obviously the werewolf is talking about losing control during a full moon and turning into a mindless wolf)

I know it’s not great but I like it! :smiley:

Yeah, I get that too! It’s really awesome to see pictures in your head! I’m a malfunctioning creation machine because it’s really hard to see anything when I’m NOT listening to music. I like listening to music from UT 2004 and some classical music with lots of violins and other strings!