I’ve been doing a lot of study over the past few years, data science, mainly quantitative finance, and recently ML. Picked up Python for the coding, but recently am also using WEKA, the ML workbench developed by Universtiy of Waikato, NZ.

So with lots of courses, lots of my own test code and some actual working code I’ve reached the point where I can no longer find anything. My project list in Spyder is long, I’ve got multiple ‘working directories’ and even some code on USBs to run on my Linux box (backtesting can take a while).

So I’ve decided to use a wiki!! I have a couple of WordPress sites but created a new one with the mywiki theme specifically to use to gather and organize all the content I have on this whole endeavour. I know there a are a few developers here, am wondering if anyone else has gone this route and what the experience/outcome has been.

I’m a professional Wordpress developer, I’m unfamiliar with this theme though

I had to upgrade to a business plan to install the theme (at least I think I did). There are a few wiki themes but this one seemed pretty simple.

I’m wondering how realistic it is to organize my content this way, but it must be better than my trying to find stuff at the moment. I’m just not a very organized person generally.

All my Blender (and other CG) work I’ve organized into folders by date, and my blog (and also my sketchbook here) acts as a kind of index. I can usually remember what images I used a particular technique in, browse the blog to find the image and check the upload date, then look it up in my directory of Blender projects. Doesn’t work so well for code though.

Slowly populating this site. I know the subject (crypto trading) is anathema to many here, but if someone is interested you can check it out here.

Moving house, to somewhere more expensive (country → city). Need to generate some income via an activity much reviled here on BA. Probably very little time for any art in the foreseeable future. Best of luck with your artistic endeavours people. Some great stuff happening here.