N.E.R.O (Nanotech Exosuit Reactive Operator) remastered

I’m new in this Forum, but I work with Blender since over 10 years, now I decided to register me here :slight_smile: I improved my english skills a bit in the last few years, now I think I’m good enough to lead some good conversation with the members of this forum and I hope we’ll have a fun time together

I’m not sure if somebody knows some of my stuff from the german Blendpolis site, but here’s my first artwork I’ll show here. The model is about four years old, but I still love it, so I decided to rework some details and render it with cycles. Here are my results from different views.

Here’s also my devienatart gallery with all of my other stuff, the 3d stuff is all rendered with Blender, except some zbrush sculpts, 2d artworks and mixed art.



man cool character! I like a lot the three pictures!

Hey, thanks man :slight_smile:

Here’s an additional Screenshot of the blendfile

Hi sash4all, cool to see you here again (I know you from blendpolis).
The model is really impressive, although I liked the “crysis-like” presentation you did a few years ago better.

Hey, I also remember your name B.Y.O.B. from there :slight_smile: thanks a lot! :wink:
You’re talking about this one?

I really like that image too, but there was still some details to improve and I trying to learn the cyles engine at the moment. These are two reasons to do this and I think with cycles it looks much better and more realistic than before. I’m glad that I’ve done this.

Amazing character.

Great model!
Maybe if the lighter material was more steel-like it could look even better?

Probably one of my favorite armor concept. Very cool !
Can I have more details about the workflow ?

Epic stuff, great work