Sorry if I missed something…

Is it possible that Blender will be using n-gones? It’s very useful in the context of modelling. The very easy example is cube with bevelled 4 edges on sides (rounded edges) and bevelled top and bottom edges (for subdiv). In Blender 2.49 if you’ll do this then top and bottom sides of this cube will be not easy to edit with further bevelling (for insetting and extruding them) - in case of “transparent” modelling. I mean - “when you know what you’ll got soon”. Combinations of triangles and 4-point polys (quads?) will not replace n-gones functionally.

If I didn’t explained well this thing then I’ll post some pictures. My thoughts were come from trying of Modo. This program lacks of many things comparently to Blender… but not this one.

Sorry if I’m dumb and don’t understanding the conception of Blender. I’m almost the newbie here so…

N-gons is in the pipeline. It is called B-Mesh

It’s very impressive! Thanks for the info!

Well, I managed to accidentaly get some n-gon like quad in Blender 2.49b but console wrote an error, something like “couldn´t create a nice quad”. But with B-mesh, the n-gons will be used normally

No to be overly pedantic, but there’s a lot more to BMesh than just ngons. Saying that one is the other is a little bit misleading.

Well it is certainly something to watch. See if it actually happens or not.

In the mean time quads and tris.

Yeah I know. BMesh (AFIK) is not only about NGons. I think it’s the other way around: NGons are possible because of BMesh, but there is more going on than just Ngons or new modeling tools.

Thanks, Michael! Your articles are amazing!

Thanks mfoxdogg,
Subdividing faces without getting a triangular mess around is stunning!
Gee! The more it goes, the more 2.5x (2.6) is getting attractiv!!!