N-gons in general

Is it ok to render something out with nGONS? is this ideal?

Im modelling a building, and i decided to add a small bevel onto each of the 90degree corners just to make them less sharp etc. then i realised that this is making alot of non 4sided polygons on my mesh. is this ok?

im sure its different for different types of meshes, my question is more conceptual then case specific.

in hard surface modelling, is it perfectly ok to have Ngons in the mesh? im sure gaming engines may vary in their ability to interpret Ngons, but im currently focused on creation for film and TV, so this is more my target.

are ngons there to help with non destructive mesh buildinge etc or is rendering out an Ngon at the end a totally satisfactory result? not an ‘ok if hidden’ though im sure thats also satisfactory.

They can render ok; basically if they are a perfectly flat surface, they are likely to be all right. It is best though, to not have them; but if the render works with 'em there, then why change? :slight_smile:

N-gone is generally fine on flat surface so long as its boundary is convex in shape. If boundary has concave feature, all bets are off. Some times N-gone face can cross concave area.

If they’re in a flat area of non-deforming geometry there’s no reason not to use nGons. They will be split into triangles just like every other polygon at render time. If they save you time when modeling, then they are the right option.

Ok thats good to know. if it dont show up and it saves time then its ok. good. does it matter where it is going? if i want to make say a cardboard box, and add cutouts by simply cutting a whole inside and making a messy ngon rich area. would the game engine have any more trouble making it work? i know this is to do with each engine, but is it something so easily accepted that i can assume it will until it doesnt?