N Panel Manager Addon - Just Arrived

While it doesn’t manage the N Panel directly, it solves the problem with the clutter in the N Panel. You can do the following:

  • Decide what addon is enabled or disabled globally
  • Define what workspace needs to be filtered.
  • For each addon: in what workspace does it need to be enabled.

That is done in a nice layout (list) where we have loads of filter options:

  1. Filter the category in the list. E.g., Add_Mesh, Development, Import-Export.
  2. List all the add-ons, or only the Enabled or Disabled.
  3. The list of add-ons is shown according to all filters.
  4. Enable the add-on globally (as in preferences).
  5. Search by (part of) Name, Author, or Description.
  6. Type a search term.
  7. Refresh the list whenever you make changes outside the N panel Manager.
  8. Clears the list.
  9. Info Panel where you can see the Author, Description, and location. Handy for when you forgot what the add-on was about.
  10. To make a note. For example, a shortcut or a link.
  11. Export the current configuration. You can use it as a preset or view it in another program like Excel. Or previous import configurations.
  12. Turn the workspace filter on or off.
  13. Enable the selected addon in the selected workspace.

For more information, check the N Panel Manager on Blender Market.

Here is the video teaser:


Release of the documentation video for the N Panel Manager:

(You can click on the time to jump to the topic)

00:00 Introduction – PART 1 – 00:40 The UI of the N Panel Manager 01:30 Filter category of addons 03:00 Search by Name, Author, or Description 03:35 Filter Enabled or Disabled addons 03:50 The info panel and make notes (save startup file after that). 06:00 Enable or disable an addon in a workspace 06:50 Export and import settings as JSON 11:00 Blender’s workspace filter vs. N Panel Manager 12:20 N Panel Manager Basic workflow 14:00 How to view a JSON Export in Excel 18:50 Save Preferences vs. save Startup File 20:20 Example using notes for shortcuts 21:50 Known issue (What to do when updating an addon, for now) 23:40 Roadmap 23:00 Important note on installing the N Panel Manager

24:35 Tips on new Blender installation – PART 2 – 24:50 Download Blender 25:30 Edit preferences in Blender 32:-00 Make one perfect workspace and save Startup File 35:00 Cleaning up before Save Startup File 37:20 Duplicate the perfect workspace and rename 42:00 Save Startup File 42:30 Install and/or enable all your favorite addons (151 in my case). 43:15 Installing the N Panel Manager 44:30 Help! I updated an addon, and I don’t see it 45:15 Using the N Panel Manager

I hope the video is helpful, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.



There is an update of the N Panel Manager addon that shows an Initiate button in the preferences:


What does it do?
The initiate button enables the N Panel Manager in every workspace (Even if the workspace filter in a workspace is not enabled). It also loads the addon- and workspace- data in the N Panel Manager’s list.

Beta - Contact us
This update is tested in three different Blender installations and is not tested for a broader range of scenarios. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your findings if things are not going as expected. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

How to update?
The best way to update addons is as follows: Uninstall the old versions, save preferences, restart Blender, and install the new version. In this case, it is n_panel_manager_V1-2.zip.