n00b Collision Question

OK, I’ve tried the GE before, but, I’m just getting into it again. I’m trying to make a simple (ish) little game (sidescroller) where a cube moves sideways. I’m trying to make a jump key. I’m applying force upwards (with pressing of “W,”), but, he just bounces alot when he comes back down. Is there any way to stop this near-infinite bouncing? I like the way he comes up, and down, just not the bouncing at the end.

I know this is a stupid question, sorry, but I kinda can’t find any way to make it work.


add a material to the ground

Wow, er, thanks. That was simple enough.

Is there anything in MaterialButtons that can be changed to go along with this, or, is that it?


Clicking the DYN button next to the HSL and RBG buttons gives you some options for a game engine texture.

Ah, thanks.

Okay–I think I’m starting to get the hang of all this, maybe. I know how to make it so when the property health = 0 then I die, but, how do I make it so that this property decreases each time I hit something?


Have a “collision” Sensor attached to a “And” then to a “property” actuator, and change “assign” to “add”, then have the property’s name beside “prop:” and -1 beside value.

Hopefull you will be able to figure out the collision sensor yourself :slight_smile: it’s really not that hard.

Thanks a lot! Is there any way to display this property during the game, so I can, er, see it? I want to be sure it’s working and, of course, every game needs a health meter. :slight_smile:


For debugging purposes, you can click on the little D next to the property and Turn on Show Debug properties in the Game menu.

This may help you to make the health meter

Thanks, I think that’s working now.

I have a bit of a physics problem again. Occasionally, actually on all the tests I do, after running into the test enemy for a while–my character gets misaligned on the Y-axis and since there will be no control for it, there’s no way to get him back.

I tried to make two planes–pretty thick ones–to block him, but, that didn’t really work. OK, it didn’t work at all.

Is there any sort of solution?


Set a Constraint actuator to an Always sensor. Then set the Constraint to LocY, then max=0 and min=0.