n00b needs help

hiho ,

if got a little problem , I make a game movie and I disided to use blender for some animations . If animated a litte bullet , so there is my prob , if read in the e-book that you can make movies as a backround as world textures and so on . I#ve tried to do that but it doesnt work . If made the tutorial

my other prob is , when I render my things you can see the smal plats on it http://www.fireblade-ql.de/kugel.JPG
do you see the stripes on the side , its like in edit mode :frowning:

THX 4 your help

mfG TheDud3

PS : sry 4 english , me ger ^^

K, the movie has to be in a certain format for it to work. It needs to be an .avi. You can convert your movie using Virtualdub - do a search. Also some compressions may not work.

Your model has those plates, (called faces!), because you didn’t hit Set Smooth in the edit buttons (F9).

the movies are in avi , they are in divX . and wenn i press the anim button i dont see the movie as backround :frowning: . i’ve done it like in the tutorial in my first post

it could be the divX codec giving it trouble. Try recompressing/another movie.

mmmh if done it with the little movie which is in the tut to download . and it dont work maybe if forgotten something I dont understand .
maybe some one has a tut with a new version of blender ??
Im getting crazy in the next hours :frowning:

maybe it works and i dont see it .
can i see it when i render a normal picture ?

May I see the .blend?


hir you can download it :frowning:

don’t be angrry with me

extrem n00b ^^

edit :

this one have to work


try packing the file (select file and third from the bottom is pack data) that way the animation comes with the blender file

By looking at your blend, in Textures at the Image Box you have mipmap selected where it should be Movie… Change that to Movie and hit the Reload button. If you get a message on your mouse pointer that says “Error: not an anim” then you need to work on your movie compression.

now it works thx

that was my first time at this Forum and im supprised about your amazing answers

thx i thing i will be a few times more hir ^^