n00b needs help

hey :smiley: , i just need a little help here

first of all, when i make 2 meshes, sometimes when i select one, it selects the other and/or when i move one close to another while selecting the verticies the verticies from another mesh sometimes “latch on” and go around following it :x its so anoying [!] , anyway thx for anyreplys

Are your two meshes in the same object? (After inserting one mesh, did you hit tab to get out of edit mode and add a new object?). I’ve never heard of vertices latching on for a ride…more detail please? How are you selecting these meshes and vertices? Box select? bb round circle selector thing? each vert at a time? a?

well that clears up the 2 selection thingy:D thx, the latching on for a ride thing is basically fixed now as well thx alot m8!!! :expressionless: silly me :slight_smile:

I am no expert :smiley: , but, the method I follow to select say 2 objects (in object mode of course) when they are close or are one upon another in the line-of-sigth we are seening then right clicking again & again at the same location will cycle through all the objects.
[>] There is a cool TIP for this problem while right-clicking to select objects press Alt KEY on ur keyboard then a pop-up menu asks for which object to select.

When in edit mode this same phenomenon happens for vertices also. When u keep on right - clicking at the same spot then all the vertices within resonable distance cycle & get selected one-by-one. (U don’t need to click exactly over a vertice, numerically clicking excatly over a vertice will be verrrry tough). Unfortunately there is no Alt+Right-click pop-up menu trick here but I goto to Solid view & now the vertices out of view r not selected (if u have not enabled the option to do so. The small cube on the 3d-window header must be pressed in).

Well I hope I understood ur question & have answered appropriately. :slight_smile: