N00b question - How to add image maps to materials

I’m just starting with Blender (2.5 alpha) and I’ve done something mediocre: making a sphere. I also changed the lighting model to the Oren-Nayar shader to approximate the Lunar-Lambert model in Celestia. I can easily download some maps of the Moon, but my question is, how do I put them in my material and make sure they are applied with spherical mapping? Also, I’d like to use bump mapping. How do I do this stuff?
EDIT: Now it’s crashed! I think I should just give up. :confused:

Look in the tutorials on UV Mapping. Even though the 2.5 interface is different from what those tutorials may discuss, the basic principles are largely the same. There are even specific tutorials that cover creating a globe.

When you are dealing with 2.5, bear in mind that you are working with an Alpha release and a major release. Don’t give up, and do recognize that for the next few weeks there might be a little bit more instability than you’re used to.

OK, but where are the tutorials? (As you can tell by the title of the thread, I’m a total Blender n00b.)

You know what? Let’s just forget about how to map the sphere. I just want to know how to LOAD a map. How the <censored> am I supposed to do THAT?

Another animation:

Two suggestions:

  1. Blender Magazine Issue 9 for space http://blenderart.org/issues/
  2. Blender has a steep learning curve, is frustrating in the beginning, but only persistence in learning, researching, and trying will move you forward if that is what you want. Tantrums only turn people off to helping you.