N00b question. I can't access the textures screen in Blender2.71 ([email protected] Text. too)

Hi all,

Total noob here, first posted question EVER! Therefore please excuse my stupidity.

I’m working through Neal Hirsig’s tutorial available from gryllus[dot]net. I’m currently on lesson 02-2b (Castle Texturing). The problem is that I am trying to add several material channels to my GateHouse object. I click the materials context button, create 5 material channels and add a texture for the fifth channel (according to tutorial this is so that it’s not automatically assigned to all faces. All good, it renders! I then try to add a texture to the 4th channel (see pic1),

I name the 4th channel, go to click the Textures context button and… nothing (see pic2).

Why is there no textures menu? Have I done something REALLY stupid? I have noticed that the materials button have been very ‘stroppy’, for want of a better term. Not doing what the tutorial says it should…

Any ideas on this? I apologise if I’m wasting anyone’s time with this, bu I can’t go any further until I’ve sussed this.



See the scroll bars

Used computers all my life.
3 years as an IT tech.
Taught myself C++ and basics of DirectX programming.

Richard - your reply BTW was brilliant, very dry humour! thanks man. [Goes to hug Richard]

It’s a slightly buggy behavior that catches a lot of people and is still irritating even when you know about it - but you could fix it since you know C++ and Blender is open source. It just needs a little code to automatically resize every scrollable region so that the ‘scroll buffer’ does not exceed the actual length of the area.

But isn’t Blender Python based?

Interface is Python but most of it is C and C++. So you’re right the scroll bar might be in the UI Python.

Maybe you could code something in the main program instead!


“Interface is Python”…
I thought it was Open GL, and that was the reason of Blender’s ultra fast start?..