N00b question. I can't access the textures screen in Blender2.71

Hi all,

Total noob here, first posted question EVER! Therefore please excuse my stupidity.

I’m working through Neal Hirsig’s tutorial available from gryllus[dot]net. I’m currently on lesson 02-2b (Castle Texturing). The problem is that I am trying to add several material channels to my GateHouse object. I click the materials context button, create 5 material channels and add a texture for the fifth channel (according to tutorial this is so that it’s not automatically assigned to all faces. All good, it renders! I then try to add a texture to the 4th channel (see pic1),

I name the 4th channel, go to click the Textures context button and… nothing (see pic2).

Why is there no textures menu? Have I done something REALLY stupid? I have noticed that the materials button have been very ‘stroppy’, for want of a better term. Not doing what the tutorial says it should…

Any ideas on this? I apologise if I’m wasting anyone’s time with this, bu I can’t go any further until I’ve sussed this.



Hi ! What happens if you scroll up, in the texture context panel ? If it doesn’t work, consider reseting Blender’s preferences back to default, it should solve your problem. (File --> Load factory settings)