n00b question: making objects touch each other./

Usually, when I want two objects to touch, like when i want a sphere sitting on a plane or a box, i just zoom in really far, and make sure that the two objects are as close as i can get them without the objects intersecting each other. This means that objects are never truly touching each other, although the final render usually looks like it is, since the objects are very close. Is there a better way to have objects touch/stand on each other?


I was wondering the same thing. I was watching something on the peach teams website where Nathan is showing us his bunny rig and the eyebrows are actually interacting with the eyes (by that i mean no going through them when he moves them around) and I was wondering if the same thing could be done during modeling or so. (i tend to use the N panel instead of zooming but thats me)

Well if you have a sphere and a plane 1 Blender Unit below it, select the sphere and press G, Z, then -1.

If someone knows a better way for less exact measurements please post, I’ve always wondered how to do this.

I usually let my object intersect a tiny bit. If I were putting a sphere on a plane, I would probably get it almost right, then look up from the bottom and grab locked to Z with shift held down for ‘slow’ and move it till the bottom vertex and a tiny dot of face area showed through.

Just my preference though.

If you really want fine control you can use the arrow keys to nudge an object. Shift arrow keys are even finer. This is all once you’ve pressed G, of course.