n00b's Christmas scene

Hi All,

As the title indicates im a n00b and this is my first scene.
Please be brutal:D

This is supposed to be a cartoon-ish christmas scene and I am looking for crits to make it better.




I like the feel of it, very nice. :slight_smile:

I’d add some angling to it… rotate the camera a little bit, have your central character tilt his head a touch. It’ll give a livelier feel to the scene.

The floor could use at least a normal texture to give it some lighting depth to match the wood grain.

The colors could be a little brighter, too, because of the the theme and the style.

The white trim on the hat looks kinda plastic, maye go with a little less specularity.

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Higher resolution on the floor texture… but definately good work on the charachters. I like them… Continue working on the materials and texture I think that will be the key to believability