N00bs UNITE!! -- Inventory Update on pg 3

Yes, it’s true. This project should and will go on. While there was a lot of confusion and mis-communication, things should and can continue a-fresh.

MagicMyshu: I totally leave it to you to decide whether or not you want another go at this. You put in an incredible amount of time already, and we’re over the hump on a lot of issues. If you’re still mad at certain people, leave it and continue. If you would rather let it go, so be it. It’s up to you. I kept up communication with you and/or my leaders to the best of my ability (test me here, guys) because I did not want this to fail. Can we still proceed? You were an incredible organizer, even with the flu!

Chaser: While you have not communicated with me or anyone very well, you have still spent time on the project (mouse look) and was invaluable to the initial programming. If you do not want to continue that is up to you. I’ll just say that if you want to start your own community project, keep in better communication!! I’ve enjoyed working with you and would be sorry to see go. I leave that decision to you…

As a side note, if you don’t want to continue, would you at least be up for checking the optimization of the game when it’s nearing completion? You seem to have knowledge in that area.

Siegel: You didn’t have much choice leaving, so I find no fault in you. You communicated well (and promptly) with your team and I also enjoyed working with you. If you really do want to continue (as you specified in Chaser’s thread), please verify your intentions to all.

Ven0mSevenX: I think you should be cut some slack (MM…) as you have done the most physical work for this game. I would assume the reason you slowed on the work was because of the mis-communication problem. Again, I find no fault in you. I have been extremely impressed with your creativity and great level design. I agree with you about having put too much time into this project to let it die. Keep it up, and I look forward to your up-date.

Animatinator: I don’t need to say anything about your commitment to the project. Look at slipside; look at our sound/music department. You stick with something. Your willingness to help out is superb. I love your music more than anything else you’ve done. Good work!

Everyone else who was involved: Please state your position; we need to know how many are still willing to work…for real. If you don’t want to help, that’s fine, just make that clear to all. This is a community project, we need everyone who is willing.

So the point of this is to start again. We don’t need any hard feelings; 95% of the time it’s just mis-communication, not intentional wrong-doing. If we pull together, this project can be accomplished…much of it already has.


Let’s gather our bearings and do this thing!! I can’t run the whole project; I’m too busy and not always the best leader. I want to work on the gritty stuff…down to earth one might say. So please step up and take action.

Alright? My e-mail is [email protected]. If you wish, this is a much faster means of communication. For now, though, just reply on this thread. I wait for your reply…

~~Stu :yes:

Okay, a little info on my up-date for starters.

I have added an inventory system (switch weapons), health system (bar and number display), and fly/hover system (bar and number display). I have re-done the camera, and it is practically flawless. The camera will rarely go through walls except on quick movements ect., as isn’t that noticeable anyway. It is a set-up that I haven’t seen done yet, and I’m excited about it. I might release a tutorial when I have time.

Captain_Ahab will be sending me his weapons shortly, and I’ll be able to integrate them into the inventory quickly. He is still willing to work for one. Good 'ol Cap’n.

Ven0mSevenX: If you want to collaborate together for a release, that would be fantastic! Imagine the new spiffy character in your brand-spankin’-new level. Too cool…

I built a little world (boring but works) for the character. I hope to have this demo released within, say, 3 days. It’s about 80% done. Here’s a little screeny so that you’ll know I’m not a big bag of air:

So anyway, keep up the good work! And yes, you can throw bananas all over the place…



As the lead programmer, I did my job, and completed every task as assigned by MagicMyshu. The problem was, MagicMyshu stopped giving me tasks. As MagicMyshu being the leader of the project, I didn’t want to steal his leadership position, so, I felt the right thing to do would be to try to pump some life into the project, by doing what I could, from a Programmer position. I released newer, better versions of the MGP Game Setup.

In the other thread, MM claims that I have not been responding to his emails, although I have not received any such emails.

Me and Stu seemed to not have problems communicating. I’m not sure what happens to MM’s emails when he sends them, But I haven’t received any from MM since March 29th.

MagicMyshu, as the Team Leader, was supposed to keep in touch with the team, and I, as a programmer, was to complete tasks that he assigned me.

I’m in for continuing work if we have a leader.

If MM will still be leader, then
I am awaiting further orders.


I’ll gladly continue working on this game, I know im not the best programer, but over the past month i have been learning python and I think I finally have a hang of it.

If you guys need any help again, just tell me.

Oh yeah, sorry johnyman!! I forgot to say that you were still helping too.

Also, I hope you don’t mind that I completely re-did your health set-up. I wanted the systems to be…well…systematic; consistent. Also, your set-up was a bit too simple. I thought for the scope of the game it should be more than “3 hits and you’re out”. I don’t mean anything negative, I’m just saying what I believe to be true!


Its ok, I had a feeling that 3 would be a little less, also, you could place one of my red hearts next to the bar to show that its health, that would be sweet. BTW whats the blue bar?

Yes, I was planning to put little symbols next to the bars. Your heart is a good idea.

The blue bar is the fly meter. Hold down Lshift to activate your propeller cap (imaginary at this point of course). It will drain your fly meter (battery maybe?), but it regenerates slowly. I like it quite a lot.


I have had little time to work on my computer in the last few months but I have had lots of time to come up with new bosses. I will continue to model 3 new bosses for you.

I always have a problem with MagicMyshu’s PM file. If it is full or he is not around, who should I send them to?

Stu: There’s a new character? Where is he!? I’d love to collaborate for the next release, however I still have a lot of work to do on the outside of the volcano and even more to do on the interior. I can upload the most recent .blend without the volcano stuff for you to test the controls and get the raft ride mechanics figured out. I will send you a pm as soon as it’s done uploading with a direct link to the file. Unfortunately I don’t have a scanner so I cant show you guys my concept drawings, but I will release a screenshot of the interior of the volcano so far… This is the only screenshot im going to publicly release until it’s complete.


As you can see… very incomplete, somewhere along the way I lost interest. Time to pick up the pace and continue = )

Very nice! Now the monkey can roast himself in the lave if he so desires…

I’m sorry! That didn’t come across right. I don’t have a new character, just a completely new version of the character movement/systems. Sorry to disappoint!

C-106 Delta: Alright, I’ve been proven wrong!! Good work C-106 Delta! I’m sorry for anything I said out of place. I look forward to your models.


Well I always thought you were the most enthusiastic of the group Stu - and this thread kind of proves that. But here is what I propose instead of creating new channels of communication - Chaser had proposed to me once about using some weird desktop sharing program in order to help everyone keep in touch better.

I think that we need to ask Chaser for instructions on how to do that and for an explanation on how to use it. I think that would be the better first step. Because Emails are not good enough. Frankly I believe that Gmail has been eating my emails because I sent Chaser and Ven0m an email once and Ven0m got it while Chaser didn’t. Even though my records show that I sent it to both of them.

The second step would be to gather all of our relavent and up-to-date scripts and resources and posting them all on a common network of some kind - I think Chaser’s program thingy can also do that. If Chaser thinks it’s a good idea then I’d hope to see him post the instructions up - like where to get the program and how to use it, how to upload, download and all that.

And Stu let me stop you there - I understand how you want to see the project come together but to be honest not many people (well maybe not anyone) would REALLY understand what I was bantering about on the other thread because a lot of the situations I never told anyone about. C-106 Delta actually delivered MORE than he initially promised. But you wouldn’t know that because I didn’t tell everyoen every little thing that was going on. Delta gave us 3 whole bosses when I’d only asked for 1. Delta is awesome. I’m afraid the situation of what happened isn’t information that everyone is privvy to… but I understand what you are doing with this post. And partially I agree with you.

So yeah, I hope Chaser will tell us about that program he was talking about that way we can post all of our progress and files there and update them more effeciently I think - but he would know the details and I wouldn’t

Also, I don’t think I need anyone to raise their hands or sign this thread to let me know they are going to do more work - because noone has officially quit yet am I right? In which case, that means that they are all onboard still huh?

just thinking positively don’t mind me;)

Well, I was responsible for the music part of the game, with Animatinartor, and the musics are complete (in my knowledge).

If I can do something for the project, I should be able to, since I am not focusing on an own project currently.

EDIT: Maybe “I am able to” would fit there better. Then, maybe not.

Hi Stu,

I’m definitely up for working on the project again. Seen as Chaser is leading programming (not a problem) I will fall under his leadership as another programmer.

Currently I have a menu and sound/music system thats partially complete(basically what I had before I had left) and am willing to work on anything else that needs be done once those are complete(shouldn’t take too long;)).

Also I just want to make it clear that if anyone needs some help with there programming assignments I’m more than willing to help out with any questions or if you just need a different perspective. My email address is [email protected] and I am on IRC(freenode,#gameblender) from time to time.

Lastly I would appreciate it if i could get all the latest file for the project and that they always be stored in a central place too keep everything together and tidy. :evilgrin:

I’m quite glad this is back on track, thanks everyone who’s back on board! :wink:

As for Project Organization, Vyew is a truly amazing tool for Realtime Online Project Collaboration.

To check it out, sign up for Vyew, and join room 968153

Vyew is amazingly loaded with features, and it’s works in all browsers, and it is free!

I think it would be a fantastic tool, and fits our needs perfectly. We need a space for collaboration.

It sounds like we’re on the right track.

MagicMyshu, i promised a lot to you some month ago that i’d do some small models but i didn’t get around to. It is partly my fault cause i got forbidden to use my computer many time due to bad behaviour. I was one of the people who let you and the others down and i’d like to really apologise for that. So, i am sorry.
I decided yesterday or the day before that i should use my computer for a projet, something i could spend time and spirit in. Rather than just playing Counterstrike or doing stupid things IRL. If you can forgive me i’d love to contribute. But i am not exceptionally good at modelling and i am very basic at texturing but i can do some simple things that you good guys can do easily but need to use time to create more critical things that i can’t create.

why dont you all stay on your own irc channel?
like, i dont know, #n00bsUNITE

Yay! We’re still going:D
Obviously I’m still in. Slipslide’s almost finished, and once it is I’ll have no projects going (for the first time in almost a year:o) and will be able to help a lot more.
I’m going to be away all weekend though, so I can’t help until Monday:(

Go guys… it will be awesome if you finish it… you could put it on that site where poof put his game… that volcano is looking interesting. Can’t wait to play it… [insert incouragement here] :wink:

Okay guys looks like some people are still interested and I’m in it too. Just give me 24 hours to get all my notes together and also so I can properly register or whatever I have to do for Chaser’s Vyew program thing.

Chaser are you sure that thing is safe? I don’t like the idea of “sharing my desktop” I’m not ever sure what that means.

First of all because I know for a fact some people will have viruses on their comps and I’m not sure whether “sharing desktop” would spread them. And also, I’ve got sensitive tax/bank information on my computer that I hope would remain secure through this program - erm please explain them. I’m gonna sign onto it tomorrow when I get my self together for this.:cool:

Alright, I’ve edited my post about C-106 Delta, thanks MM.

Okay, since you guys are all pretty much back on, I relinquish command. Okay, I never really had it, but I was prepared to contact Ven0m and finish it ourselves. I’m glad that isn’t the case.

I think having this break (for you guys, not so much for me…) will make room for some new enthusiasm. I so glad to see you guys back on track, as many flame wars end up with people just hating each other permanently.

Siegel: That’s awesome about the menu. I didn’t do any work for that because I knew you had already started on it. Hopefully our systems will be easily united into a common look when we compile it too.

Chaser: I want you to look over my scripts when I release the file. They’re QUITE basic (top to bottom) and have a lot of repeats. However, it gets the job done and is practically flawless. If you could basically organize everything into lists and such, I think the main set-up can stay the same. Maybe not. It would just be sad to see all my work go to waste…

I’m reinstalling my OS today, so I won’t be able to work on blender until tomorrow or so. I still need the models from Captain_Ahab (eh hem!!), but the rest is done. I added a graphic and number display for each of the seven different weapons. The amounts of each are global and can be accessed anywhere. Health and Ammo systems can both be depleted and re-generated. I want to release it soon!!

Alright, keep on, everyone!!