N00bs UNITE! - Sound thread

You might have seen this thread where we (the n00bs:D) decided to work together and produce a game. Well, I’ve been asked to make a thread for anyone who wants to help with the sound and music for the game. If anyone wants to be involved, PM me (I’m leader of sound - yay!), I’ll list what we have here so everyone knows what they’re doing. Also, keep checking the main thread for what’s happening to the game (fairly important when you’re making the sound for it;)).
If you have any suggestions for the game, contact me or MagicMyshu.

I really don’t know what type of game is this, do i really have to contact MagicMyshu or you with a PM? I answered the thread but as far as i know it’s a progressively made game of sorts… am I right?

EDIT: well i sent you a PM now. Now i only need to wait.

I’ve answered your PM, and yes, it is a progressively made game (the problem about that is we’ll probably find the four comittees aren’t on the same page a lot of the time:D).
Apparently MagicMyshu’s going to post a big update on the main thread this evening, so I’ll be checking for that.
To my understanding, there are currently three people on the sound team - Myself, Zuker12 and blender_rox. I’ve not heard from blender_rox so I’ll PM him this evening, see if he’s still in.
If anyone else wants to join, PM me as soon as possible - we’re starting tomorrow, and I’ll give out jobs then.

EDIT: Time zone differences strike again! Using a bit of maths I have worked out that what’s “later this evening” for MagicMyshu is about 2 in the morning for me:eek:
I’ll start the sorting out this evening then anyway.

I’d provide a smooth bassline…

If only I had the equipment to record one to a digital format :spin:

Animator, do you have any idea on how big the wav version of your song will be?

Maybe we can get Siegel to use pygame to allow us to play mp3’s = )

Hey animatinator,

What program did you use for that song? I use Melody Assistant (shareware program). Sounded good and fitting, but a bit repetitive…however…I realize that you are just starting on it!!


Hi guys, Update is on page 5 of the thread! http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=810935#post810935

Let me know what you think. Get some questions from people in your group and then send them to me before Wednesday.

Cya dude.

Well I could record something on guitar… or should be able if I get my hands on that guitar plug for PC…

Then again I could be making something with a Midi program.

EDIT: You’re giving the jobs today?? oh crap I should have contacted you a bit earlier, so i could have thought of this…

EDIT2: well anyways, I made a boss-fight style music, but won’t upload it now, because it’s morning. But i’ll upload it later, i’ll send a PM to animatinimtationator(hovewer that’s spelled).

Hey! I managed to upload it already! It still needs tweaking, and the ending is too abrupt, but… Hey, are guitars allowed at all.

Made in tuxguitar. Sounded better in tuxguitar.
I noticed that the drums are missing from the end part and the piano plays over the guitar so in the first… säkeistö(can’t remember english name) the guitar sounds louder. And that sounds horribly loud in Midi(atleast on my computer)

Here’s the mid - Boss Music 1

EDIT: doublepost, sorry.

Ouch, the start… it’s gorrible. Well, I hope it’s reasonably good.

Double post, sorry:o

Hello everyone! Sorry I took so long, I just woke up about 3 seconds ago:o

First I’d like to clear up something that could potentially cause some problems. When I give a time, I’ll use GMT to avoid confusion caused by time zone differences. The current GMT time is shown at the bottom of the page.

Back on topic, I’ll start by answering questions.
VenOmSevenX: I don’t know at the moment, it’s quite random when you record MIDIs… Maybe mp3 would be the way to go, I’ll ask MagicMysu about that.
Stu_flowers: I used Noteworthy Composer. I know it’s quite repetitive, I’m always doing that…:o But I didn’t actually have a piano to work the melody out on at the time (my brother was using it), I was just using a trial-and-error method on Noteworthy Composer.
Zuker12: It’s spelled “animatinator”:smiley: As for the music, that sounds pretty good, but it seems to cut off at the end. I think we’ll definitely use that but it needs to end properly so it won’t be so obvious when it’s looped. Very good apart from that though, I like the drum effect:yes:

Right, now for the jobs. Three of us (including me) seem interested in doing the music, so I’ll give out a few pieces each. So here we go:

Blender_rox - Main sound effects maker
I’m putting you in charge of most of the sound effects (apart from the ones assigned to others below), I’ll PM you with some sound effects we’ll definitely need by about 14:00, you can add others if you want (especially if I forget something obvious). If you already have some ideas then feel free to get started as soon as you want. Sound effects should be in WAV format so that they’re compatible with the game engine, try to avoid any silence before or after sounds as this will increase the filesize and also sometimes prevent other sounds from playing.
PM me the sounds (with the title “finished sound(s): <sound name>”) you make and I’ll add them to the list at the top of this thread.

Stu_flowers - Music and character movement sounds
I’m putting you in charge of the sounds characters make as they move (footsteps etc.) as you mentioned you were quite good at that (and I know you can’t do much as you’re doing scripting as well).
Also, if you don’t mind I’d like you to do some music as you seem to be particularly good at that. PM me and tell me what sort of style you’re best at (and how many you have time to do), and I’ll assign a few of them to you.
As before, PM the finished sounds with the title “Finished sound(s): <sound name>” and I’ll add them to the list.

Zuker12 - Music
I’ll be getting you to help me with the main music for the game, mainly the enemy/boss stuff (and maybe time-trial type things as well). At the moment, I don’t know how many levels there’ll be (if there are levels) or if we’ll have bosses, so I’ll PM you when I find out and I’ll give you a few to do at that point. As for making music, if you have a microphone then record the TuxGuitar sound off your speakers to produce a WAV file as long as it doesn’t make that nasty feedback noise (I think most don’t). If you don’t have one the just send the sounds to me with the title “Sound(s) to be recorded to WAV: <sound name>”.
PM the finished sounds with the title “Finished sound(s): <sound name>” and I’ll add them to the list.

Animatinator (AKA me) - organisation and music
I’ll organise who’s done what and all that, and keep a list of what’s done at the top of the thread. Also, I’ll compose the game’s main theme (because I had an idea yesterday and have already started it), the basic level theme (because I’ve already finished it - see top of thread) and any others we might need. I’ll also be here to offer help if anyone needs it.

If you have any questions or problems, or simply need help and inspiration, just PM me and I’ll be happy to help. Good luck everyone:D

Oh, and if anyone wants to, it’s not too late to join the team as we might need a bit more help:o:yes:

Hi guys, IRC is
#MonkeyGame on irc.freenode.net

Zuker12: Don’t use a microphone to record sound, that will greatly lower the sound quality (unless you have something like a $200 shotgun mic…) I would download “Audacity,” a simple, free audio editor that record the sound that the computer is sending to the speakers. It’s not the best quality, but it’s better than a microphone…:slight_smile:

Audacity download link: here



I did some music, and I sent Animatinator a monkey sound effect.

Here is a nice tropical beat: http://www.box.net/public/q8r9hu0u89

blender_rox: Not bad, but it’s a little jerky…and repetitive. I like the tambourines, but I think the music should have more of a Jamaican sound to it. Something more like Animatinator’s stuff. But whatever!

Good work!


Yes. But, eh… it could be useful. I hope

Sorry, I don’t think that I’ve received any update materials from the leaders, I know we’ve made a bunch of progress since yesterday - does this mean you want me to wait until later to update?

I already did 2 of the musics, the boss music 1 and an another track. I also did some Ufo sound Fx. I sent them to animatinator yesterday…

Now i’m only waiting for a response and waiting till he converts the other track to .Wav

I’ll post the second track, just a moment…

Hmm… ok i think this goes more for a tropical island background

hmm it doesn’t work, just a moment…

well right click on the link and “save as…”
Right click save as

okay Zuker12 thanks a lot man

I think I’ll just post the list of sounds when we’re done, there’s quite a lot of them at the moment:D
I think I’ve told everyone what they should be doing, PM me if I’m wrong.
Zuker12: Nice job there, those UFO sounds are cool:D
I think you might have added to the work MagicMyshu’s team will have to do though…
MagicMyshu: Nope, I’ve sent you the update now. It’s not that I’m waiting until later, I’m just several hours behind you all on communication - I’m in the GMT zone so I’m asleep while everyone’s online:D