N64 Style - Viking (501 Faces) 50x50 Textures

Hey Guys,

Here is my Simple Low poly Viking that would definitely fit in a 48MG N64 cartridge.

You don’t need high graphics to make a game look good. You don’t need 4000x4000 textures to make a game look good, this image is proof of that. I hope you guys can learn thing or two about this image. Its taken me 2 hours to create him from start to finish with a simple Rig. Its a lot less time to make a character with thousands of polys with thousands of pixel textures. I hope you like it because I love it! :slight_smile:

With 501 faces you mean triangles ?
Anyway he looks good :slight_smile:

Tomato Potato…XD

Well there is an important difference as 1 quad = 2 tris. In-game the polygons are always tris whereas when modeling polys are mostly quads. So when you report polycount you should preferably use tris and always state which ones you mean. :slight_smile:

Mean looking guy and I’m impressed with what you’ve done with the texture size although wouldn’t it be same to use 64x64?

looking good!

make an game for him now ;D

i know its not exactly the same this is why i said Tomato Potato instead of Tomato Tomahto

Of course im making a game for him!

>m< Dat axe.