Hi folks!
Looks like I’m back at fiddling in the BGE.
Probably nobody remembers, but about 4 years ago I posted some videos of Nach here when I first started making it (still have them on my channel:

Unfortunately that computer drowned in a wine spill and took my whole project with it.
It got replaced by a laptop of… lesser quality (to put it mildly) on which I tried to make, what I like to call, a “game scribble” which was the ninja emote game thing (

I very quickly found out the laptop couldn’t even handle something as simple as that and trying to make it work as good as possible was like an uphill struggle.
Where the hill is the size of Olympus Mons and the gravity the strength of NGC 1600’s center.
So I scrapped it. Feeling rather demotivated.

Now I finally have the ultimate tool I can work on for Nach!
And here is what I’ve done so far:

So… what is Nach?
Nach is planned to be a rather simple 3D platformer.
If you’ve played games like the early Crash Bandicoot titles you know what I’m talking about.
The one major difference between this and old 3D platformers is that this game will have a simple enemy ai (Crash Bandicoot, again for example, simply had enemies that walked a certain path) and action combat mechanics (key combos).

As Nach, an insectiod character from the tribal Striiak race, you’ll be forced to travel the various environments of Stoko in order to save your tribe’s princess after your village got raided by Skull Warriors under the command of Warral (this is like… the most original plot ever!!).
You’ll be travelling environments like the Jungle, Kuru Fire Mountain, the Snow Pass, Aiko Desert and finally, the evil lab (this has never been done in any game before!!).

… Yeah, I know. This is by far one of the least original ideas one can come up with, but its a formula that I find almost always fun if I have a bit of casual time to kill and, because of its simplicity (so far), I thought it was a good way to start my first actual game project.

The initial goal is to make this game using logic bricks only. Or at least, as much as possible.
I’m sure some python will be required when having to, say, load the next level or save and load your game, but generally the major focus is logic bricks only.
The game’s style is a completely shadeless lineless toon style (what shadows there are are all painted or baked onto the models).
Toon lines around characters and objects would’ve been a fun addition, but short of covering everything in a second mesh for the outline (which is tedious) there isn’t really a good way of doing it (I’ve taken a look at some python based custom shaders/filters, but they all appear to suffer from the same problems).

The test map is playable (see attachment), though there really isn’t much to do in it (unless you find beating up a bunch of immortal Skull Flamers fun).
Its best played with a controller, but I also got keyboard binds:

Movement: arrow keys (no 8 direction movement)
Fist attack: C
Leg attack: v
Camera rot: Num 4, Num 6

Movement: Left analogue stick.
Fist attack: Button 1/Triangle
Leg attack: Button 2/Circle
Camera rot: Right analogue stick.

Things todo:

-Enemy Skull Smasher.
-Enemy Skull Bomber.
-Enemy Skull Brute.
-Enemy Skull Froster.
-Enemy Skull Smasher(ice).
-Enemy Skull Flamer(sand).
-Enemy Skull Smasher(sand).
-Enemy Skull Bomber(sand).
-Enemy Skull Brute(sand).
-Enemy Boss Drybones.
-Enemy Boss Rattleshin.
-Enemy Boss Warral.
-Striiak Villager (random assorted).
-Striiak Villager Elder.
-Striiak Villager Sukia (Princess).

-Chuhu Village.
-Jungle Start.
-Jungle Deep.
-Kuru Mountainside.
-Kuru Inside.
-Snowpass Ice Cave.
-Snowpass Glacier.
-Aikio Canyon.
-Aikio Dunes.
-Evil Lab.

-Too many to even talk about! Anything from tribal statues, jungle flora to tanks filled with malicious evil goo.

Test Map: LINK

(If anybody cares, I got a Patreon which I update more regularly with various completed assets and concept art: link)

Hello guys, I got an update to my game project “Nach”.

Not an amazingly large amount has happened, mainly due to life things, but I’m still tinkering away at this game.
The new things are:
-More clutter; trees and bushes that react to characters walking through them.
-Nach can now die. He’ll animate when getting hit by an enemy and dramatically fall dead when his hitpoints are gone.
-Nach can also now dodge-roll.
-Added a road block that will spawn enemies, impeding your progress till a certain amount of enemies are killed.
-Toon lines have been added.
-Now contains music I made myself which will change when near a road block.

The test map doesn’t have a HUD yet, so there is no way of knowing how much health you have left.
Nach has 3 hitpoints, though. This will be the default amount of hitpoints you start the game with as a player.
I don’t have any health pickups yet, but that’s soon to come. I’m planning on letting the player increase their maximum health by collecting wisp-like things (kinda like lums from Rayman, only without goofy faces).
There are 100 of these planned per level and collecting all of them will grant one extra life.

Play the test map HERE

Hey! This looks cool. I like the art style, and the animations on Nach are smooth.

However, the style for Nach doesn’t really match the environment style, I don’t know if that’s intentional. Nach is more like a toon-shaded style while the rest of the world has higher graphic fidelity. It might be something to consider looking at!

The ground/walls are placeholder textures. The entire test map is a simple doughnut shape with no real thought put into it because actual terrain chunks for the real levels are barely even on paper.
Overall the graphics style will be what Nach, the bushes and the summoning blockade looks like.