Naginata Dojo

***Hey All,

I’ve recently finished my latest project, the Naginata Dojo. It was rendered in Cycles to 1,200 samples. It was originally 1920x1080, but I uploaded it here as 1280x720 as this forum rejected it (probably because of the file size). I hope you like it :slight_smile:

I must credit the people who helped me in the Focused Critique thread, particularly Small Troll. My scene would be dull and boring without them.


You’ve put a lot of good details into this scene, wireheadking! The light is very natural looking, and accentuates the textures and the structures in the scene. I like seeing the various wood and other natural textures that are used. The many props in the image make the area feel used and lived in, not like a sterile world.
I also appreciate that you’ve given the atmosphere some dust. Fantastic work!
The scene itself reminds me a lot of the dojo from the first Matrix film. Is this a coincidence?

The texturing is amazing! and I liked the paintings in the back. It would’ve looked great if you gave the weapons more attention, probably one weapon stand on the right and the left hand side? Amazing work! (btw what does the Japanese writings say?)

Thanks for the great feedback! It’s great to know I got it right.

It will be a coincidence that it reminds you of the Dojo in the Matrix as I’ve never actually seen any of the matrix films and don’t know much about them. Yep, I’m a nerd who hasn’t seen the Matrix.

Also, if you’re interested in making this scene yourself, I’m actually making a tutorial soon which will show people how to make this entire scene start to finish. It will be on my YouTube channel sometime soon.

This is awesome! I totally agree with Post #2, and a tutorial would be more than welcome!

Thanks! The writing doesn’t actually mean anything. At least not to me. All I did was download a Japanese font from and used it to make the textures in Photoshop. If they do mean anything, I don’t know what. I just picked the symbols that looked the coolest.

Thanks! It will be coming out soon, I just don’t know when. Most likely in a couple of weeks but don’t take my word for that.

its actually chinese, the first scroll says “months in the round”
the middle scroll, i am not too sure as i havnt been able to find the first symbol but the second two read"-Miss Lo" (lo meaning reeds/rushes) so depending on the first symbol it is referring to a young woman.
the final symbol reads “Sisters-friends of”
which is all kind of appropriate being a Naginata dojo as the naginata became more of a womans wepoen of choice.

It’s funny that they’re actually relevent :smiley:

I just picked some random letters from a font called ‘Japanese’, although I thought it looked more Chinese aswell.

Just to let you know, a breakdown of this scene is now on YouTube :slight_smile:

I thought for sure you were watching the matrix then reached for your keyboard and blender. Looks nearly identical. Nice.

Might this be a good time to recomend the Animatrix. That style of dojo shows up in there as well and its CG in the animatrix movie.

Quite a few people in other places and this forum had been saying this was from the Matrix, I decided to check out why they were saying it and it turned out the reference image I was using was from the film. So I guess this is from the matrix :slight_smile:

here’s the cg from animatrix, one of the first dvds I ever bought :smiley:

Great scene, also reminded me of Matrix

Now as a Chinese, those Chinese words don’t make any sense together :slight_smile: Just an FYI

Yeah, I know :smiley:
I just chose the characters that looked the coolest. It was just supposed to be artistic, and didn’t need to make sense.

Excellent job! I would have titled it “花粉症の道場,” or, “Dojo of Hay-Fever.” :stuck_out_tongue:
As for everything else, the scene really pops. the pillars and windows make it feel real. Just one small critique though; the texture wrapping on the pillar to the far right mirrors itself on the left half. If you do a re-render, rotating the pillar about 30 degrees should make it go away.


reminds me of the club penguin game my little brother plays! lol (there’s a dojo in there looks kinda like that)

Yeah, rotating the pillars was somehow a problem for me. I should have done it in increments, like you said. Instead I just randomly rotated them from camera view, it turns out that doesn’t work though :smiley:

Your comment brings back the memories. I once played Club Penguin quite a lot and became a Ninja at that dojo. Good times :smiley:

Love the lighting, as a new user to Blender ( using v2.661) this is most inspirational, thank you for sharing