Nahil - The Builder Hero

Hi guys, this is my entry for Artstation - Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Film/VFX Character Art (rendered).
Almost everything was made with blender except the high res that I made with zbrush.

Concept by Juraj Bezak

W.I.P. ===>

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Amazing work! 5 stars!

Nice character!

but im curious, how can this guy getting fat while carrying such a runic stone around. :wink:

Amazing work, the modelling is great.:smiley:

Fantastic, love everything about it

Awesome, 5 stars

Thank you everyone I really appreciate it :o
Cromat - I have no idea :smiley: , you should ask Juraj!
I have to thank Troy James Sobotka and his amazing blender filmic :slight_smile:

Amazing work!

bravo dani!

I think it works opposite


Hey, nice job!
Just a Quick question, how do you render a wireframe like that? Like you did in the last image?

Looks awesome!

It looks cool. The character reminds me of a colleague of mine.

I have a small critics. The stone seems to be very light weighted. This might be because Nahil can make stones levitate. My (human) experience thinks the character should lean a bit forward to preserve balance.

One big WOW! Such great work.

Great job!

critique :slight_smile: Looks like stones are almost flying (I don’t mean in his hand).
Specially big one on his back. Ropes are in very relax pose. Try to put some heavy bag on your bag to see how ropes became tensioned

Thank you everybody :slight_smile:
-About the big stone, at the first time I had the same concern, but my big target in this challenge was to follow the original concept as much as I can.

Wow amazing job !!!

Nahil looks amazing! A tutorial would be nice. Just sayin…