Nail storage (this has gone out of control)

I was really happy how this piece came out, everything looked more realistic then what I usually see in my renders.

Made in 2.42

Nails (all 800 of them) were placed using game engine physics

Everything is procedural except the labels on the boxes.

emm… I don’t know what to say. This is like, a decent image.

Not great, but good. Very nice texturing certainly (for some part, actually now I look at it some awful texture stretching present in other parts)

So (sigh) learn from this. Please.

This could have been better though, with a little more work.


Looks pretty good, AO? A little dark, but other than that it looks fairly descent. The texture on the box bugs me, it’s too striaght. I think you should probably bevel the boxes. How long did you spend on it?

Oh and I think maybe it’s a bit too rusty.

Now the lighting is as intended, not too bright, not too dark, sort of darker but have some brightness.

About the texturing on the boxes I have not really seen a crooked label on a box all that much.

About the rust, it’s supposed to be like old iron and steel shelving and nails. You’d expect it to have a lot of rust if it was out for a while. And I have seen old metal objects almost completely covered in rust.

Nice break from the norm. I like the realism. You could do worse than expanding this image, why not make the rest of the room? You could add in some tools, a band saw, circular saw, belt sander etc. Some plans on a shelf maybe.

Just trying to encourage you not to abandon this project but to continue to bigger and better things :wink:

Btw did you know one of the main ingredients to thermite is rust? Weird…

I have rerendered it several times to get mainly the back wall texture right. It was at first an grey wall with noise and cracks but I didn’t like it much.

Maybe someday I could do other renders like this but probably not model the whole room at once, maybe model different parts of what could be the same room in different scenes and render them that way.

Thats exactly the reason people are complaining about your images. A tiny scene like this isn’t anything special, and doesn’t show a whole lot of talent. If you were to do a whole room, that would show commitment, progress and enthusiasm.

This is the first time I’ve commented on one of your works as Icoxo/CD, and this post will be the last. I’m not going to try and push a point, plenty of other people are doing that and it doesn’t seem like you’re particularly open to suggestion (take that as a critique not a complaint). Good luck.

Is modeling all what’s around it and doing multiple renders of different spots required. I know that some well known artists like RobertT don’t usually do that.

What’s important is how the piece comes out as the picture itself. Many people outside of 3D communities would just comment on the picture itself, not the technical stuff behind it. Though I do know many people here partly judge images on how they were made and not just the output.

Now the lighting is as intended, not too bright, not too dark, sort of darker but have some brightness.
Hmm… I think I’ve heard that one before…

About the rust, it’s supposed to be like old iron and steel shelving and nails. You’d expect it to have a lot of rust if it was out for a while. And I have seen old metal objects almost completely covered in rust.
Well… it’s still to much.


You got texture streching all over the place, and the texturescale is way of. But why bother? You doesn’t show it to get crit anyway do you? realy?

(and by the way… I don’t think it’s a good “output” with all the stuff I mentioned)

And goodbye to you mr. tear images apart because you’re not pleased with anything.

Actually I think his name is [Kothe]

I know his name. But it’s true, I’d bet if was administrator he’d come and ban me for being such a bad artist in his eyes.

He doesn’t think you are a bad artist, he thinks you are lazy and uncommitted.

The Case:

Always have obvious and easily corrected flaws in your images.

Usually (nearly always) create simple images that rely on the mass duplication of simple objects.

Never take advice or help onboard.

Claim everyone is ‘out to get you’ rather than address shortcomings in your work or spend longer on images.


Really does seem like everyone wants to punch me in the face solely because of the artwork I post.

I guess that settles it then, I really am the worst Blender artist and in the minds of these guys may have created the worst (in total) Blender images of 2004, 2005, and 2006.

I could see myself now in a future Bathroom reader titled “worst 3D artist”.

You’re such a moron.

Everyone is telling you that you are FAR from being the worst artist, just that you need to put some more time into your work and start listenning to critics.

You’re just acting like you were back when you were 15…It’s totally lame. No one have pity of you, you don’t deserve it. Just open your damn eyes and see! No one said you sucked. Why do you take it this way?

Even though your images deserve comments, YOU don’t. Your reaction to critics is just lame.

The point is, to tell you the truth, I am getting quite tired of making these images only to learn they should be improved on. I’ve tried to make images people really like and are at a loss of what should be improved, but it’s pretty much impossible. I could just make 10 updates and people would say it could still be improved.

I also hate it when I hear an image doesn’t look that good and has lots of flaws. In fact, I probably just hate critics of anykind when my work is involved. Noting how top members here say my work (or all of my images) are not all that good.

So there you have it, I react the way I do because I think you’re trying to imply my work is heavily flawed or I don’t have the means to make decent art or what commitment means.

lol. Spat chucked.

Cyborg, like ahs been said before, you are a developing artist, and that means you arent there yet. Constantly refering to “RobertT” as an excuse is really lame because his work is always(mostly) of exceptional quality, so people dont mind him trowing 5 offering a week at them.

Go away, really put your back to the grind stone and perfect your style. That doesnt mean you haveto bombard us with images. Spend some time on a project.


now now, lets dispense with the name calling.
i have yet to see an image that cant be improved in some way. to truly be a master and produce works that are unequalled and cant be improved on at all requires a lifetime of dedication. from what i gather you are still quite young.
and being open to critique goes a long way in becoming a better artist.
look at all the real pros, say on CGtalk, that post their stuff. THEY still get critiqued, THEY welcome critique because they know that thats the only way they can improve. im willing to bet that the only way they got where they are is with years of practise and thousands of brutal critiques that wouldve made other people quit trying.
where i am in school, thats what happens, when midterm or final critiques come up and youve got a couple months work on display, models and drawings into which your blood sweat and tears (sometimes literally) have gone, the panel gets its kicks by ripping the shit out of you and your work. the only way to get on and succeed is to take it in stride and take it for what it is: a way to help you get better at what youre doing. id much rather get torn up at a crit than everyone just nod their heads and say its alright because i know then that i will have learned something, i will know where and possibly how to improve. crits sometimes suck, but it does wonders for improving your skills.
and when it comes down to it, thats all that matters no?

so if i were you, id try to learn real fast how to deal with critique because when you get out in the real world and try to show your work (maybe for a living, if you so decide), people will be after you like starving dogs no matter how good you are.