Nail storage (this has gone out of control)

I’m starting to think that I may as well hate this forum and most to all of the people who use it. Because people saying my work is an example of not being commited and laziness is just a flat out disgrace especially when this forum is a required site to go to if you want as many things Blender as possible and considering how people outside the forum are actually impressed.

So wether i’ll stay, say screw you to Blender and its users, get banned again for reaction to critisism for the third time or commit suicide depends on how things end up.

So wether i’ll stay, say screw you to Blender and its users and or commit suicide depends on how things end up.

All we’ve done is tried to help you grow as an artist, but obviously none of it gets through to you. Instead of a thank you, we end up with “Screw you”. We compliment your texturing, your improvements, and we still get “Screw you.” I thought you’d matured since you were banned from the forums the first two times- but obviously you haven’t. You’ve acting exactly like you used to. Grow up. Welcome back, Kansas_15. And most likely good bye, once the mods see this.

I didn’t directly say “screw you”, I said it was an option, but I didn’t say “screw you” directly.

Seriously I am getting really frusterated with all the comments saying on how to improve my work and the occasional harsh one, which is why i’ve been getting tired of this and started reacting like this.


Try not to make too much of a mess.

Sincerely, Fliberty, Your friendly neighborhood blenderer.

Fine, maybe I shouldn’t have reacted like that, but read above and you’ll see that I’m just getting incredibly frusterated because I can’t make work many people seem to awe at without telling me 20 things on improving it.

I see this and get really sad and mad at the same time.

I know my problem, I don’t react well with critisism. Sometimes I do and after a while I’m not so welcoming of it anymore. I also don’t like re rendering the image after making changes and I get frusterated easily.

Mate!! Its because you post like 5 images a day and they rarely show any advance in your technique!! If you handled the criticism, limited yourself to 1 piece a week, and really worked tirelesly on projects, then you wouldnt have this problem.

Issues here for you simply, so as not to get you confused -

1 - Too many average images
2- Little development between images
3- Cant take criticism

They are the issues here.

That said, i liked this image a lot more than your other ones. The texturing is good.

Don’t expect and demand to be regarded as a brilliant artist wehn you are a way off yet. You are still learning and that is what all of us MUST do.


ok well you wanna know what i think…

it’s that the materials and everything are good you should keep them like they are. I think the boxes of nails look out of place like they are too clean and perfect (even though they arent) theyre are perfect compared to the rest of the image.

and the images is good but it’s kinda boring like you need to have more of the room where it is… not the whole room if you dont want to just more like 2 walls or something some tools and a bench or something. i think it would improve the image greatly… but dont change the part thats already made.

This is exactly one of the problems that I have shown to have, I tend to have trouble with different opinions of different people, as if I tend to over emphasize the more negative ones and don’t focus more on what positive things people have to say. Talking about this to my folks again they tried to get me to understand that the art is how the way the artist wants it.

And they do agree that part of the harsh critisism may be due to the more technical aspect of the people of the forum, wanting to know about technique and skill rather then how the picture came out itself.

Well the picture is the product of the technical process that went into it. In the end people are critiqueing the image ALONE. They arent talking about technique or skill, they are talking about what they see. Where you are coming unstuck is that you think, by telling you how you might go about fixing it(technically), you think that is an attack on your technique. It isnt, its a reccomended path to fix what has been noticed as lacking.

Progress son, Develop.


im sorry Cyborg Dragon but you are overreating to everything
this whole day while i been on the forum all i see is you complaining how ppl are critisizing your work and junk like that
GET USED TO ITS, ITS CALLED LIFE, if you are reacting like this couze some ppl that you havent even ever met crit your work i cant imagine your reaction if some 1 that is standing in front of ur face says " Your work is crap" (for example)

critisism is why people are here, it helps you get better by learning from your mistakes

oo yes and i remember reading in your previous rant today about people that you know in real life being inpresed by your work, they may be as they dont know for example the effort/time/skill that is needed to make a piace. most of the people in this forum give hard crits as they see hundreds of these images daily, and its just easy to see if something doesnt match up to sertain standards or to something that should be expected from some one with expansive knowledge of blender

i was meaning to word my opinion earlier in the thread under news and discusion, but it got closed before i could put my 2 cents in

Dude, try posting this at and see what happens!

Actually, since I mentioned CgSociety, RobertT entered a the hardcore 30 day 30 model challenge. Checkout the quality of each of his models. Its bloody amazing.
Instead of using him as excuse, use him as inspiration and that doesn’t imply you have to copy him.

One of the people that have been impressed is an actual art professor at a college. Oh, and I did tell my father of what you guys said about saying about pieces always needing lots of time and tons of effort and he just said that was just stupid even though he knows it takes at least a little effort.

If I like what I make. So be it. Regardless of the time it takes and wether I used truckloads of effort.

Your right, you in the end must be happy with the model. But why post them on here if you aren’t looking for other opinions?? To put anything in front of other humans will generate critiques.

If you dont want anyone to dislike your work, or say what they think could be improved, then please, dont post it here.

Btw, asking a parent isnt a good idea. Kindof biased dont you think?

You wont succeed at much if you keep your attitude sorry.


then you would think your father would tell you that you are stupid of not taking our critics in account for your next image? riiighht…

If you like what you do…and don’t care about what others have to say to help you improve…if you think your stuff is perfect as it is…just so be it…and stop posting it here asking for critics and comments. keep it for yourself is YOU think it’s perfect…you post here to get our feedback…we give it to you…if you’re not happy with it why would you post again?

This post is not to be taken litteraly…those words and sentences are there to make you think about what you just said…

Not bad at all. I suppose you eventually will find an style you are comfortable with. At least you have time for some blender works once in a while. That’s a luxury not everyone has got in here.

You’re only 18 right?

I started with 3d when I was 19. You have a headstart. Not much but atleast a headstart. Use that to your advantage.

Gaaaah! For the final time I’m still 17. I turn 18 in less then 10 days though.

But with all of you who think maybe I shouldn’t post works here if I just end up hating the people who critisize my work. Maybe you’re right about that. Besides, I can tell people have mixed reaction and widely varied opinion about this piece and some like it. But I sort of get tangled up with things like that.

I’m currently in the situation where I want to post my pieces the way I like how they turned out, but don’t like some people’s critisizm all that much. And as I said before, one of the real world people who have been impressed by some of my work is an art professor who teaches art at a college (in other words an art expert), so it’s more then my Father who’s been impressed and he knows art when he sees it.