after the few critics of the first version i finally decided to make some changes.
so here is the last version of nails

The blur is of course fake blur … i will try the zblur plugin maybe…
The “flying nails legend” was indeed true… as always i am not perfectionist so just wanted very fast to have a result… i now took little more time to make them stick on ground
Sundialsvc4 's comment (which i aprreciate for the storytelling analysis) lend me to add the "heart nails “. I didnt have any story in mind. Most of the time i create emotions from what come trough my mind, mouse and polygons. The nails are definetly arranged in a random order, i duplicate nails and nails until i thought " ok that seems not too bad”
so what do you think now ? thanks everyone

:o :o :o Totally photorealistic. I am amazed.

Cool. And so I WAS right hehe

The concept is excelent and its allmost photorealistic!!
I would love to see this rendered with the z-buffer plugin!
Great work!!