Naki UFO Tracked and stabilized using Blender ( not a tutorial or CG )

Hi got this shot the other day thought I would share it here seeing as I used Blenders cool tool set…

Things just got more interesting in the night sky over Taranaki New Zealand, Down the rabbit hole we go…

If you have some good glass search the sky the evidence is out there…

I had to do a manual track on this shot, it was changing color and shape every frame, I tried black and white separate RGB channels and color samples, in the end manual was the way to go for me. no doubt tracking gurus would get better results

Best viewed at 1080p

Your opening statement shouldn’t say corrupt governments deny you the truth. Instead it should, in my opinion, read corrupt governments don’t know the truth.

Generally a government is happier to appear as though they know the truth and are deceiving the public rather than look incompetent. They want the populace to feel as though, for better or worse, the government has everything under control.

“These days, better to appear guilty than impotent.” President Nemerov (The Sum of all Fears)

Fact is stranger than fiction.

[QUOTE=Tryder;3044599]Your opening statement shouldn’t say corrupt governments deny you the truth. Instead it should, in my opinion, read corrupt governments don’t know the truth.

Your opinion is more than welcome thanks for checking it out, In New Zealand the government calls just about all UFO sightings Chinese lanterns …

Interesting, around 4:27 it seems to show a tubular shape of sort:



Could be motion blur from the camera movement on my track attempt, haven’t checked out my frame export yet, the manual track was a mission giving my eyes a break, thanks for pointing it out will have a closer look. To cloudy for any filming at the moment hopefully go up the mountain and get to 2000 meters when it fines up and see if anything interesting is out and about…

Just wish I had a good low light camera…

I could be wrong about that of course. I come to this conclusion because governments tend to exaggerate their capabilities for a variety of reasons, such as warding off potential foes. Animals in the wild will often try to make themselves appear larger than they actually are when faced with a potential predator. The soviet union actually had fake ballistic missiles they used to trick the west into thinking their capabilities were greater for instance.

In this case nations don’t want to appear vulnerable to their opponents. They want their opponents to think they know everything they need to know, that their intelligence gathering capability is far greater than that of their opponents and that their level of technological capability far exceeds that of any other. Who would pick a fight with a nation that has access to extremely advanced otherworldly technology?

People in our area will sometimes launch paper lanterns during Independence Day celebrations, and they do look somewhat similar to a UFO when seen from a distance (ie. a bright speck that you can’t identify right away).

One point to be made though, if it’s true that we have extraterrestrials on Earth piloting UFO’s, why are all of the alleged photos taken up close blurry (you’d think with today’s cameras, we can actually get clear images showing windows, engine parts, panels, and even ET himself)? Do people purposely stick to old Polaroid cameras or something when taking pictures?

cant speak for anyone else’s shots but this was taken with $700 NZ pocket camera ISO 100 max optical of 30x

I think once people get access to high frame rate 4k camera’s ie 120 FPS more Unknown tech will be caught on camera more often…

here is a good one from NZ in 1978 using decent cameras of the time

Frame captures and a photo looking east from mount Egmont Taranaki NZ all with unknown objects the frame captures were from a video frame rate of 50 fps and the objects were in frame for around 3 frames so if anyones good at math out there they might be able to give a speed estimate ,and no they were not visible during filming it was only after inspecting the video that I came accross the objects. the last image is cropped and zoomed.


You overestimate modern technology. You can have an object slap-bang right in front of you yet it’s still blury. It’s a little thing called ‘depth of field.’ It takes a knowledgable camera-man to get it right, even for objects a mere foot away from you.