Name change?

I’m thinking of changing my name. I feel “dittohead” doesn’t suit me anymore, and to be honest it simply doesn’t represent my political views any longer, that is to say I am not a dittohead anymore.

So I’m thinking of changing simply to Ditto, or DittoBox, or Dittoface or something. Just use something with Ditto, just to mak sure people remember who I am :wink:

change it to DittoBox

I think it fit the most

I agree with X-Warrior. Either Dittobox or Ditto sounds better than Dittoface IMHO.



Wouldn’t this have fitted better in one of the existing spam threads?


What does this have to do with spam?

This is a serious question as to whether I should change my name. That’s not spam. My name mis-represents me, that’s a good reason to change it if you ask me.









X-Ditto (ha ha ha ha ha)





skeleditto? :smiley:

i like ur name, i was contemplating changing mine, but i then realized that… i AM SKELETOR!!! and that will never change…

We know you here as Dittohead and associate that with Blender, not with your political / social persuation / confusion. We would be stupid to judge you in any way for anything you said in OT. Personally, I’d welcome some far-out ideas. It’s OFF-TOPIC! It’s supposed to be grain-and-a-half of tongue-in-cheek.

(feeling the need to change your name [for the reason you give] may hint at the fact that you give the off-topic forum and it’s banter more wheight than the other forums. Elysiun is for Blender; I try to give 100% to the other forums, but in OT I’ll deliberately bait, cajole and make fun of what’s written [not the writer], without stooping to slander, name-calling or vulgarity, and don’t care if I contradict what I’ve said in the past).




skedittor? :smiley:

I like DittoDittoDeJaVu and Dittoiateacarrotlastnightanditwasorange… Too bad they’re too long…

i dont think many people care about what your name is.

yeah…no name change. You’ll be dittohead no matter what you do. :wink:


I second to that… The nicknames on forums are just to identify between different members. Changing nick is good only if one wishes to “start all over” without the burden of the sins of the previous pseudonym, and as such is rather silly thing to do, when one is in good standing. Or then again, it simply might be a case of vanity (“I think my nick is a bit stupid and oldfashioned, so I better change it”), or perhaps the one who wishes to change nickname is questioning his or her identity, who knows.
But one thing is sure, if you do change your name, a lot of people will wonder where Dittohead disappeared, and who the hell is this new guy that copies his style and nickname :stuck_out_tongue:
And for what comes to your name, I don’t know what on earth it stands for, only that it sounds a bit silly :slight_smile:

I like ur name because u always have a good icon to match it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can always think, hey thats Dittohead, lets see what kind of silly antics that cat (your avatar) is doing now.
I would never change mine, I like it, but do what feel right. That corny, but it works.

You what I would do ? I would change it without even mentioning it…
But hey … that’s me!


That would be a good idea if you are trying to leave the other nick/personality behind, and start for new. But otherwise it would be quite a bad idea, people would probably get irritated when they notice that you for some unknown reason just changed nick…

I like your name, but I don’t care if you change it.


Just plain Mr D. :stuck_out_tongue: