Name our Film: Pick One

After the weekend meeting, we narrowed it down to these two alternatives that met our particular tastes. Everybody did a great job and once again we thank everyone who contributed.

So which one do you think works best for our story? For your benefit, we’ve added a

Our protagonist is a monster who’s been having problems to sleep. Medical remedies have all but failed. When he hears about “Dr. Bear’s 100% effective” sleep aid, he goes downtown, causing quite a commotion, and meeting Dr. Bear himself. Can the monster be cured? Can he foot the enormous bill?

Full script in sig links.

uhm, read your script and none of them convince me a 100%. The title doesn’t have to be witty.
According to my naming schemes, it would be called “Teddy”, but that’s just me.
Maybe the “red eyed monster” could be another option.

sorry I didn’t vote, just couldn’t decide between those 2 choices.

PS: good script, btw. I almost laughed while reading some of the “physical comedy”, which means I’d probably LOL and ROTFLMAO if I saw it finished.

Thank you. We wanted something to make something accessible.

We didn’t do it just to find a witty title, while we have nothing against one. Our initial rationale for title-searching is to find something that described the film in essence, yes, and we wanted to involve the community to be involved in an entertaining manner. However, we gave the rule some leniency and ended up with the ones that hit it off with our tastes, so to speak, in the last meeting.