Name our film

The short about the insomniac monster in search for a cure needs a little help from the community. We are searching for a definite title, as we have plans ahead (logo design, web presence) that depend on a clever designation.

What we ask from those willing to lend us a hand is simply to propose a title that captures the essence of the story concisely (<-- final spec draft). Tongue-in-cheek, word game, portmanteau – whatever your humoristic approach is, it is a plus. Next week we’ll set up a poll with the proposals and the winner will see his title naming our film, a credit line, and the satisfaction of helping an open Blender film project.


  • You may contribute up to five title proposals total.
  • The short is directed at general audiences.
  • And … that’s it.

Our protagonist is a monster who’s been having problems to sleep. Medical remedies have all but failed. When he hears about “Dr. Bear’s 100% effective” sleep aid, he goes downtown, causing quite a commotion, and meeting Dr. Bear himself. Can the monster be cured? What’s causing his insomnia?

Participants are encouraged to read our script for details. It’s a rather quick read.

  1. ‘The Monster Effect’

  2. ‘Teddy’s sign’

  3. ‘Sleep Tight!’

  4. ‘Under The Bed’

  5. ‘Unusual Sleeping Pills’

PS. Great Story. :slight_smile:

Monsters Inc.!!!..oh wait a minute…never mind…:frowning:

Go all artsy, like that film about the Columbine shootings which they named, “Elephant”. :confused:

So call it, “Crystal socks” or “Black Fusion”. It’s the right thing to do! :ba:

1.Lights out!
2.In Some Near
3.Good Medicine
4.A trip to Dr. Bear
5.Oh my god it’s full of stars!

Guess the origin of the last one, it just seems to cool not to include.


good luck with the project.


“Bear with me”

Crystal Socks is an awesome name. We need to name it Crystal Socks! :smiley:

Sounds like a fun project :slight_smile: I wish you all the best with it.

Here’s some ideas that came to mind after reading the script:

  • Shuteye
  • Can’t Snore!
  • Z (or ZZZ as from the script)
  • Cuckoo
  • [Curse/Bane of the/(no text)] Bedbugbear [or Bedbugaboom]
    Optional / alternate text in that last one :wink:

Some interesting information about the “bugbear” and “bugaboo” word parts that relate to monsters:


Thanks for the kind words, wishes, and of course your suggestions. It’s gonna be a tough call…

Insomnivore? (If it’s a meat eating monster type…)

“Crystal Socks” gets my vote, hahaha!

Cool Blender Monsta Film Movie in 3d!

“Sleeping Partners”
“The Sleepbear”


gotta love that:D

  1. “Insomnia”
  2. “ZZZleep Tight”
  3. “Bear to dream?”
  4. “Monster Monster”

Sleeper Deeper - A Monsters Tale


Sleepless in Transylvania?

Monter Sleep in Transylvania and We Make 3d Movie of Story