Name That Toon!

Just a fun little challenge. Model your favorite cartoon character. Here’s my take on a favorite, Gir from Invader Zim:

Wow! Very nice. applause
Well I will do this one.

I give invader ZIM

I am Zim do not vote for the Gir vote for me! Zim is me! … vote for zim or I’ll destroy you.

Its crude, but I did one quickly. Its Stump a minor character from the Cartoon “Angry Beavers” and as his name suggests he’s a tree stump, that doesn’t talking or move or do much of anything.

I found a picture for comparison here

I loved Angry Beavers. That’s about the time that Nickelodeon jumped the shark. Then again, I was watching it when they showed You Can’t Do That On Television.

Angry Beavers… i get outta bed at 6:00 Am to see that… I Never
can get asleep so sooner again… :smiley: