Named layers and latest SVN

Can somebody, please, compile latest SVN with named layers patch ? Thank you.

Here you go :smiley:

The latest Named Layers #9 is compiled with SVN dated of 12/13/07. Today is 12/26/07.
Quote: “This build was compiled using the latest SVN code 12/13/07”
And the author have not replied since I asked for new build. :frowning:

You might like it, but I wouldn’t base any long-term projects on stuff that this patch adds. I’m giving it a <5% chance of making it into svn in anything like the current format.

Harsh. At least it’s a start I would hope.

hmmh… indeed, i would have loved and still would love to see it/them in the outliner. :slight_smile:

Of course, a lot of what people see in other programs as Layers just doesn’t fit what Blender uses them for. The grouping functionality that people crave from a “robust” layer system is probably a better extension of the Grouping functions in Blender. For example, if you toggle visibilty and selectability of Groups in the outliner, how far would that go toward the kind of things you would like to do?

they have groups in Photoshop. Their called folders. And and they have named layers.
Yeah its a 2d app. Butt you know what… If you dont name the layers it get really messy really fast. Groups in groups in groups,

Otherwise just link them together and dont merge them into a folder.

Design wise this is not that hard to see. You have a button, you name it, you put something on it, you make another it stacks on top, repeat repeat, you then select a bunch and “group them together” leave them on their layers or merge them into one folder layer. Blah. Simple.

Huge difference between PS layers and the sort of grouping layers we have in Blender – stacking order matters to PS, as it is the bedrock of what is visible and what is not. While there are some similarities, it’s the old apples<->oranges thing.

Being able to assign names to the 20 layer buttons in Blender would be a nice thing, but the discussion about this topic on the dev mailing lists recently has turned to a complete overhaul, which is why I said that it’s chance of inclusion is minimal.

I think that the best chance for a “named layers” functionality to make it into SVN is to do only layer naming, with perhaps a couple of hidden UI elements like showing the name when rolling over the button or somehow being able to show the layer names on the M-key popup without destroying the quickness and clear functionality of that dialogue.

Perhaps from my own lack of reading lately, I think the naming of Groups would be what I need for more organization (chiming in with Harkyman here). I seem to only be able to establish a group and then append into a new file the existing Group, but nowhere do I see how to name it so as to know which group includes what…

Naming the layers has very good uses as well, but I think mostly for individual organization and possibly reference in the render layers dialogs. It would be good to have the ability to name the groups in Outliner, as well as the renderlayers in the outliner possibly.

I think this is a good thing, whatever comes of it, just hope it’s not to hard to do - they have a lot on their plate lately.


I use layers in photoshop as much as rhino as well.

the old layer system is honestly very good, because it hardly uses up screen space.

layer / folders included in the outliner would per very good and more than enough.

Cue a really old proposal i put together that would allow layers to have hotkeys, be in render layer groups, display what is in them or not. have sub-layers… All without effecting the current usability and Paradigm of Blenders layer system

Pretty old proposal, perhaps its time for me to dust it off, and update things. Use some of the concepts from Matt’s outliner so that things are not being doubled up…

Firstly we need to understand that Blenders layer system is one of the most unique in the world, as it allows objects to be in multiple layers.


maya uses the system for many things, and so do various CAD programs and (cough) 3D Studio Max (cough). named layers and layer folders would be a great addition to Blender.

To name groups just edit the text widget containing the group name in Object Buttons -> Object and Links.
To name groups in the outliner select Groups outliner display from the combo box and control-left-click on the group name.

As I see it all groups need to be usable as named layers is display/render/lock toggles, light layer functionality, render layer allocation and probably a few other minor additions. Certainly no need for a radical rewrite of the existing layer system.

huh? within the same scene? nvm I just figured it out, Shift-click on the M key. sweeeet.

I wrote this as a guide for what should be on what layer. /endwikiplug

Anyway, wasn’t there a script for this, so if you want to name them, you could?

Not that hard to figure out one hopes. It Does EVERYTHING that the current layers do now.

The only thing that changed is that
a: There are less now!
b: You can make as many as you want!
c: They make readable instant sense what the hell the layer is for!

Other extra features aside. What could be more easy than this to work with?

I have to concur with harkyman here. It’s an apples to apples thing. To me, the PS system is very basic (that’s prolly why it’s missed in Blender). If you go a bit deeper (for want of a better word), Blender’s system is pretty cool. Yes, it’s an organizational issue here…but, seriously, the PS system has its drawbacks as well.

Once I got over punching the wall over having a mishmash of disarrayed objects on non-targeted levels, and figuring out that I needed to pay attention to the detail involved, it made my life easier.

And, if it’s a reconstruct of the underlying code - at a detriment, at any cost…that would be a step backward, imho.

Just my 2.1375839 cents.

blank little buttons… c’mon guys, that’s what blender is all about!

i have not totally made up my mind about this yet. over the years i’ve grown to love current system. i always place the same things on same layers, i have my own system. and it’s visual interface is easy to use. there is no extra time to think about cool layer names, you just remember the button’s place. and ofcourse the extremely handy hotkeys.

and looking at lot of my gimp files, i see lot of “New Layer #x” 's there :slight_smile:



this is blenders way to exclude objects from lights. Layers can have individual lights and shadows and well objects.

In maya this is a called a link, there u just break the link.

I agree with base, i very much like the small size of the layers icons.
I worked the same way, made up my own system. folder 11 is always lights and others.

Folders in the outliner would be still very nice.

To name groups just edit the text widget containing the group name in Object Buttons -> Object and Links.
To name groups in the outliner select Groups outliner display from the combo box and control-left-click on the group name.

Thank you, Surt, that is exactly what I have been missing - I guess jumping in head first has it’s disadvantages sometimes :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree with the buttons that exist being useable right now, but I would like to be able to name them somewhere, like the pop up on roll over idea… that way, dummies like me could remember what was supposed to go where…