Nameless Gun - Game Use

This is a gun strongly inspired by some cool gun i found on the net (Not sure where it came from, dont remember) but its for use in a game (on Xbox 360 with XNA). The main model is done, i would like some crits on it. The texture will come later.

695 Faces

If the black thing is the magazine you’ll both need to flip it 180 degrees on your z-axis and probably have to move it somewhat more to the front of the rifle as well. Also, your rifle lacks an ejection port (atleast, I fail to spot one ^^)

The design looks pretty nice though, bit quite similar to the FAMAS

hhm, lol I know little about guns actually :p. ejection port is where the casing flies out? Thanks for the comment.

you can “set smooth” selected faces, and let the rest remain solid. I’d do that for the barrel and bolts

Will smoothed faces appear ingame as well? I don’t know really. A more efficient way to smooth it out is to use the ‘autosmooth’ function, then you can just select the entire mesh and smooth it out though it’ll only render edges with an edge smaller then 30 degrees (or whatever value you give it)

And just curious, how many faces does the gun count (in quads and/or tris).

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695, it says in the post.

the polycount seems a touch high for the amount of detail you have there, but maybe that’s just me… you could probably take a few polys off the barrel (the rectangular indents could be normal-mapped on, since they don’t affect the silhouette).
also, if it’s for an fps, the faces that would be out of view (those that face away from the camera) could be removed. If it’s not an fps, and the gun’ll be farther away from the camera, some of the smaller details could be removed.

I also agree with flipping the clip- while I don’t know squat about the mechanics of it, it makes the gun look more robust, somehow.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. other than that, it looks pretty darned good.

It’s for a fps, but I can’t remove any additional faces for that because it will be multiplayer, and when it’s on the ground (to pick up) you’ll see every angle anyhow. Also 695 faces should be allright for the 360. Though if I look better, I could probably lose a few faces.

Missed that one.

The magazine should be rotated because of how the bullets are fit into them. The tips of the rounds are smaller then the rear so they are fitted into sicle magazines… an image will probably explain better what I’m trying to say :stuck_out_tongue:

Also searched for some unused faces…
got the polycount down to 618 without removing detail.

the bolts on the top handel and the handle seem to be a little out of porpourtion

I guess I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to face count (my computer ain’t the best and I don’t develop for consoles) but generally there’s multiple versions of each gun- the version the player will see from first person with high detail but just on the visible parts, and the version players will see from a distance (on the ground and in other’s hands), with lower detail and quality.

I’d also agree with the bolts being out of proportion, but it somehow seems to fit the gun. maybe if they were just a touch smaller?

I hope I’m not bugging you or anything- I’m in a bit of a finicky mood lately.

(I’d also point out that that gun is a lot better than any of my weapon attempts- nice job! over all, I like it!)

did a few minor tweaks and scaled down the bolts. Further lowered to polycount to 577.

Removed the indents in the barrel and the barrel inside. Also some other saves. 494 Faces.
I think i’ll go into texturing now.

I think you should move the magazine in front of the trigger where the magazines usually are on guns like yours

Nah nah, i like it behind the trigger! Can’t wait for the textured version!

It’s actually quite right the way the magazine is right now. The modelled weapon is a so called bullpup weapon. That means that the whole magazine and mechanism stuff is behind the trigger. This allows to increase the barrel length in comparison to the overall length of the weapon. The result is a relative short weapon with a longer barrel.

ThePatrickP: You’re modell looks good so far. The proportions seems to be ok. Are you aiming for a low poly version or do you add more details and stuff later???

ZBeeblebrox, yeah, but then again the part in front of the trigger is too big, a simple handle would be enough, because you don’t need any mechanism in there. And also bullpup weapons (and other waepons too for that matter) tend to have a small dent in the upper part of the handle before the trigger so that you get a better grip and so that the magazine isn’t in the way of your hand

The guns looks nice even without textures.
But isn’t the polycount too high ! Specially for the Blender Game Engine.

low poly, its for game use. details will be added with textures.

It’s for use on the Xbox 360 (XNA) so the poly count should be fine.