Names of Interface Items

Does anyone know where to find a list of names for the different elements in Blender’s user interface? For instance, when you are in the Properties (tab?), and choose the Render (button?), you get the different options and menus in the Dimensions (area?). Basically, I am trying to find the generic names for UI items. Thanks!

Properties Editor, Render Properties section, Dimensions panel

Glad to help :slight_smile:

Thanks! Is there a reference guide somewhere for other UI items?

The wiki might have something like that. I got my information partially from there, but mostly from dev notes and conversations with devs on IRC. On the upside [warning: shameless plug ahead], I think I’ve got the terminology covered pretty thoroughly in the early chapters of my book.

I see. No prob. Does your book cover 2.5-2.6? Do you specifically talk about UI terms in it?

Yes (hint: have a look at my sig) :slight_smile:

You can probably get the specific information you’re looking for with about 15 minutes of reading in a book store.

Hehe. I’ve always wanted to buy your book. This might be the perfect excuse :wink:

Thanks! That helps. :slight_smile: