names on wierd shapes

ok i have no idea where to put this, but hopefully someone can help me.

does anyone know a site with wierd and also basic shapes and their names?

for instance, you got hexagon, but then the next one is called Heptagon. guessed not many of you knew that one! :slight_smile:
but then there are more complex names, such as torso, but everyone knows that one cause its commonly used in 3D.
then there are less known names, such as tetrahedron, witch is a 3D triangle.

anywhere i can find names for all these shapes? such as tetrahedron?
everyone calls it a triangle, but its wrong. and i want to know the names of odd shapes for no practical reason :slight_smile:

check out wiki for tetrahedron
and I think we have some addons that can do this kind of shapes too!

happy bl

Try this:

Although they’re not 3 dimensional, you might also be interested in exploring polynomials, which can be used to create interesting 2D patterns.

You just reminded me of something I wanted to do with polynomials years ago but didn’t have a way to physically make them. But now I realize that Blender can do it, and very easily! What I was going to do was make a sort of jigsaw puzzle game using these polynomial shapess, which are supposed to fit together infinitely with no open squares left:


It looks like it might be easy to connect them that way, but it’s not.


PERFECT! this has it all! thanks. also interesting idea you had there, try it :slight_smile:

nailed it?



No, you have to keep adding pieces (make duplicates) and see how far you can go connecting them. The pattern will never repeat. But i think you started it the right way.

If you noticed, the small piece fits the other pieces in only one way, so you can add it to them and then you have only four pieces to work with. I’ve been able to fill about a half page of graph paper before getting completely stuck, but it’s supposed to be mathematically possible to continue infinitely.