NameStack [0.8]


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Be sure to check out the user preferences to change the position of the panel (tool/properties shelf) and to use larger popups option if needed.

This addon primarily offers batch naming, it also provides a panel that displays object related datablock names below the object and object data name fields, offering quick access within the 3D View to all available datablock names, along with an occasional option or two, like a mini outliner, in addition there is also another panel offered that displays datablock options related to the last icon clicked in the name stack.

Filter options are located towards the top of the panels and the panels are located in the property shelf of the 3D view

I have yet to perfect this approach in workflow, however I feel that it does indeed optimize many tasks when you simply wish to up a subdivision level, or select a object in a extremely complex scene, or furthermore simply toggle on auto smooth for an object.

This addon is coupled with a series of operators that save a lot of time when renaming datablocks, the operators are as follows;

Auto Name
This operator allows for quickly naming objects and those object’s modifiers, constraints, object data and for pose bones, bone constraints. It works by assigning names based on type, the names used are defined by the user and can be saved with user start-up. (Options saved with the current scene)

Batch Name
This operator is the big work horse here, through its various toggle options and input fields you are able to perform find and replace text operations (with regular expression support) to almost all datablock names in the file and control how duplicate names will be numbered. The pop-up is a bit clustered but is fairly straightforward to understand once you use it a time or two, the tool-tips indicate what the option is doing/allowing.

Transfer Names

This operator is meant to fulfil the need to transfer names from some object datablocks to others, essentially copying them and pasting to the targets, this is done on a per object basis unless the ‘use active object’ option is active, which will then transfer the source name from the active object to the selected objects.

Install - Remove

To install or remove the addon, I recommend that you use Blender’s built in addon install or remove options, please remove any old version of the addon before updating to the latest if you experience any issues.
Be sure to use the zip file download directly when installing, no need to extract.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions; please reply to this thread.

Please report any bugs either on this thread or github.


What are the plugins you use everyday while using Blender that if doesn't exist, would be a source of great inconvenient to you?
(MmAaXx) #2

wooo! useful! thankyou!


(gavlig) #3

can’t download it… “this webpage has a redirect loop” appears after i click download on google docs page



Fixed the link, sorry


(3pointEdit) #5

Whoa this looks intriguing. Can it apply to VSE strips or node stuff?



No but i do eventually plan on implementing something like this for the VSE and Node editor

Edit - Now possible to rename sequences and nodes, node labels, node groups, node frames.



Edit - Using github, should always be current.


(larmannjan) #8

download works for me thank you.



If you guys have any suggestions or find any bugs please let me know.


(Italic) #10

Hey there, proxe. Just curious if you’ve done anything to the script lately. Perhaps a better place to host your scripts would be github or dropbox. Both this and the Armature Data addons give me problems when downloading from Google.



Alright, I started working on this add-on again, I updated my original post with further details.


(Bollebib) #13

this seems like a very useful addon,but I’m still a bit in the dark of what it could do

could it…rename a tail with 100’s of bones via rules and suffixes?
Can I use booleans (and,or not) to select very specific items?

exciting stuff,can’t wait to see more of it



After the rewrite you will be able to rename, find & replace, trim the start and end of the names of the items specified within the batch rename operator. The item panel will allow you to display the names of all selected objects, their data, constraints, modifiers, materials, textures, particle systems and of course any bones that are selected and their bone constraints, anything that can be displayed within the panel will ideally be able to be batch renamed. I also want to include at least one useful option per item that is displayed within the panel. Such as visibility.


(Bollebib) #15

that’s a tall order

hope you pull it off

The main problem might be the UI,if that works well this might be a very good feature

Will you try to put some of the renaming functions in context menus (for example in outliner,action editor) as well? for quick renaming on the fly?

or how exactly does the workflow go?

Can’t really make it up from the screenshots



Performing batch renaming is done by clicking the little car next to the object name input field.

Edit - I totally pulled it off :slight_smile:

Edit - Batch name is performed by either activitating from the specials menu in the item panel, clicking batch name in the outliner header or searching batch name from any window type.

Edit - Batch name can also be performed by clicking the ‘az’ icon in the panel or directly by searching and replacing using the near by fields.



I am playing around with Ninja-IDE atm, used to use eclipse with Pydev, to be honest I liked eclipse a bit more, but Ninja has some cool features.

Anyone here use Ninja-IDE for blender development? have any workflow tips or suggestions?

Edit - I now use vim :slight_smile:



Ok, I will be releasing version 0.6 here shortly, the batch renaming currently works for objects, object constraints, modifiers, object’s data, bones and bone constraints.

I have decided to scrap the item panel population, I will restore this functionality on the next version release in a different form.



Version 0.6 released


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what crap!


(Bollebib) #21

how eloquent

care to elaborate?

haven’t tried it yet ,tough,maybe later.