NameStack [1.02.13]

I can see that being useful for both picking and naming, namestack is already set up for the most part to do this sort of thing so it should be an easy enough feature to implement.

Added it to the todo list

That’s so awesome! I have just tried drag select in nS menu. …don’t know why I felt it would work but it did.:)) Man, I wanted that feature in blender for so long. …and setting active object is so easy. It’s going to be a killer feature for baking multiple High poly objects into one low poly and grouping :slight_smile:.

Btw, sorry for messing up ealier. I was laughting so hard at people messing up machin3 and masterXeon1001 and then I do the same thing. :man_facepalming:


name panel aka ns is a core part of my workflow and wold be awesome if it get the batch rename functionality on time for the 2.8 release

Working on it, I may be able to get it rdy in time.

awesome TY ! :smiley:

Select to target support (hold shift):

F2 popover now highlights the active object name, rather then the find field

Also using the generic object data icon for the active object to help identify it in the stack

Price has been bumped to $2

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I got this addon in 2.8.
It’s great that the upcoming update will be able to handle the same as 2.79namestack.
Can you add a rename button to the panel instead of searching?

It should be there, currently there is a preset system where an ok (customizable text) appears when a preset is active, the preset itself can be a simple count, sort and transfer or any number of naming operations.


This is just the beginning, I intend to make nS the best naming solution available.

This preset is compatible with search and replace in the stack too, so when search and replace is performed it then performs the preset that is active, such as sorting and counting.


I overlooked it. I’m sorry.
It’s great to be able to easily transfer object name to object data!
This add-on was very handy for its ease of use in 2.79. I think it would be great to hear that 2.8 will achieve further growth.

However, if you press the filtering button several times, the stack itself may disappear.
Can you tell me how to deal with this? This is the error message at that time.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “DIR/addons/nS/addon/pt/”, line 17, in draw
stack.draw(self, context)
File “DIR/addons/nS/addon/pt/util/”, line 14, in draw
stack = util.stack.collect.names(context)
File “DIR/addons/nS/addon/util/stack/collect/”, line 53, in names
for data in getattr(datablock, filter)(current.datablock):
File “DIR/addons/nS/addon/util/stack/collect/”, line 52, in mesh_loop_color_layer
return stack.searched((col for col in
AttributeError: ‘Armature’ object has no attribute ‘vertex_colors’
location: :-1

We have hidden the profile directory name. If the error message is long, I’m thinking about posting in a screenshot.

When I examined which button it was, it turned out that it disappeared from the panel with the following button. It seems that an error appears if object do not have data.
I am sorry if there was already a report.


Thanks for pointing those out, they will be fixed along with a couple other issues in the next update

Could you simplify your menu system more to be more like this:

I just want to rename selected objects but the menu system is fairly confusing, for batch renaming though the filter is useful but I don’t find it very intuitive for simple select and rename. Not saying that you need to remove the preset system and stuff but maybe to add a similar menu like the one linked above in a tab would be nice.

I can see that value in getting to quick naming, I was thinking about adding a simple preset state where the options would be presented in more classic way, options not visible in this state would be ignored for the preset.

I should have time over the next few weeks to work this in and other features & optimizations + docs.

Sounds good! I like the UI otherwise. I think my only other feedback is maybe add something in preferences like “If multiple objects selected, renaming one of them will rename the rest.” That way you wouldn’t need to open up a menu and it can do the renaming based on a preset. So if the preset says “add a counter” the user doesn’t need to worry about name.001, and can get name_01.

Also! If you could have options for the numbering to be like _001 or _01, allow the user to put as many zeros as they want to lol

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I just came across this tool this morning and I was hoping to try it out on Blender 2.79. I have installed it, but can’t figure out how to access it. The screen shots that I’ve seen are for 2.8, but I’m not familiar enough with blender to find the menu. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Make sure you download and install the 2.79 version, the panel should appear in the N-Panel under the Name Category.

I found it, thanks to you! Thank you for helping a noob. Do you know if the 2.8 version is stable enough for me (noob) to buy it now?

It is stable enough, however it does not have the full feature set available in 2.79 in regards to datablock access available from the stack, this is in the works.

Batch naming is also handled differently, where presets are designated and ran at your discretion when clicked or on find and replace operations.

This means that you can follow up a find and replace with a common recount operation (or any preset) with the same ok button.

This system is also in the works, the plan being to be as capable as the 2.79 varient in regards to naming.

Currently it is pretty capable, I do need to work on the counting a bit, perhaps recursively stripping numbers at the end as an option.

Bones and bone constraint support also needs to be brought back.

I’d say though overall current namestack has a better foundation for not only naming but organizing and accessing, you should get it now while it’s low in price, I will be ticking the price up over time.

Is it possible to change the Tab from Name to another of my choice? Can I do it by editing a word or line in the py files?

In the addon’s directory you can go to addon > pt >, if you look at line 11 you will see bl_category = 'Name', you can change that to whatever, I will add a option to name it custom as time permits.

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