NameStack [1.02.18]

hes trolling

Restored ability to display modifiers and constraints of active object, and constraints of active bone.

still exciting ^^

Don’t get too excited, wait until you see the next update :slight_smile:

Updated to 0.7, you can now designate a specific type for the data you are trying to rename, i.e. mirror modifiers only.

No problems then?

I’m thinking about adding batch naming for Vertex Groups and Shape keys, just after adding batch naming for materials and textures

that seems awesome as well

haven’t had time to test it yet though

strange to see no other people commenting for the moment.

It’s not a shiny feature but very needed for easy renaming of lots of objects

Because I used the re module for find and replace there is support for regular expressions in the find field, for any of you that know how to use them :slight_smile:

how do you mean expressions?

You can learn about them here.

Totally hope this gets integrated into the trunk, any possibility? I can’t see why it shouldn’t I really need this for just about all of my projects.

Bug Fix - had a typo in the constraints loop that prevented you from using the constraint type properly, you should now be able to designate a constraint type properly.

Bug Fix - Had another typo, you should now be able to rename constraints and modifiers properly, I honestly don’t know how it worked before this should have been a show stopper.

thankyou for the update!

np, glad you like :slight_smile:

thanks for keeping the script and me updated.

cant download 0.7, link error :frowning:

try again, sorry.

Quick fix - Item panel bone constraints: Apparently bone constraints where not displaying properly, don’t know how that one escaped me.

I’m waiting for 2.66 before I release another update.