Naming conventions for addons

What naming conventions should addon creators use when zipping their addons? No - or no_. Can someone post the rules here so creators know, and buyers don’t end up with problems installing addons. Thanks Edit: What if the name master is part of the name? What if the zip name differs from the inside content folder name? etc.

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we wouldnt put master on a customer deliverable due to it being irrelevant for those not utilizing git based clients.

our version info is as follows. (2.8) HOps 00986_MercuryX_19

(2.8) - version of blender alternative to 2.79
HOps - Tool Codename (short for HardOps)
00986 - official version number
MercuryX - release element name
19 - service pack level

So basically we refer to updates as _19 and such to differentiate micro day to day changes that occur and to identify customer versions easily.


Zip name could be whatever you want, something user may easly understand, including a version number, would exclude special chars with exception for _ - . to avoid issues.

Zipped folder must remains constant and exclude any special character but _ (this is a python requirement). Being constant ensure that updates override the same folder.

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