Naming .exe game file.

I know this is silly but how do you name a game?

When you create a executable of the game “In my case in 2.69” how come it says blender when you take a look at the Task Manager?

Whats going on?

If your using the ‘Save as Game Engine Runtime’ option from the menu, then it’s because your running your game in the blender runtime environment. Basically it’s a stand alone version of the Blender game engine, with your files loaded into it. Blender is not building or compiling a game for you. The reason you see ‘blender’ in the task manager is because your just running blender.

If you need to have your game as its own process for whatever reason, you will need to use a game engine that is not a pre-compiled wrapper.

You should also know about the licensing:

If your distributing your game with the blender game engine, all your work has to be made available under Gnu GPL-v3. Meaning anyone will have the freedom to modify and distribute your work.

That in some way does not make sense, in Blender 2.49b i was able to create a Runtime of the game and the name of the game was given to the executable and never said Blender.

Im aware of how the license works i contacted Ton in the past about commercial use of Blenders Game Engine

The name of the processes “blenderplayer” can be changed too, maybe in the past they did change it to the name of the blend file. Not that it matters, you were still running your game over blenderplayer in those days too.

There are two runtime exporters that come with Blender, the old save as runtime and the game publishing add-on. The game publishing add-on allows to change the game name and gives options to create a directory and assets output. Instead of using a asset folder, you could pack all the data into the .blend, but could possibly cause problems if there is a lot of data.

You do not have to release the assets under the GPL license, all your content remains your property, the only time you need to release data is if it is a direct change to Blenders code itself. The only downside is not being able to easily assign a custom icon for the executable, which can be hacked in with a res editor.

There are some third party projects around for publishing BGE games without needing the Blender player.