Naming several animations

I haven’t been able to figure out how to name my animations so that I can use them for import in my game.
I would like to be able to name them “Walk, jump” etc. but where and how do I do it?
Should I have the animations right after each other in the timeline or is there a better way to do it?

BTW Blender is great!, it beats every 3D programs (including those that are still commercial) that I have tried - not in user-friendlyness but in useability. :smiley:

Hello Flare and wellcome to the Blender magic world

Sooner you’ll find that Blender is much more user friendly than some proprietary
softs who spend fortunes in publicity to try to convince us that it’s true

Your naming problem is really easy to solve, but I guess that you’re a bit confused

You’ve written "Walk, Jump"so I presume that you want anime a mesh with an Armature, right?
If yes, you need to use the Actions Window and make a diferent Action for each movement
To rename them, is like any other “data field” of Blender
You click in the AC: fiels with LMB and type the desired name
Here’s a little tut, that may be helpful: