NaN Radiosity files

(DAK) #1

A long time ago I had some file from the NaN board which described somewhat in detail how the different functions work for the radiosity buttons. (I am not talking about the actual tutorial).
Does anyone know where I could get that file today? I think it used to be in the same section that explained s-meshes in detail etc.
I could realy use this now as I have been toying with extreme levels in half the buttons yet see no real change in the radiosity calculations.

(rwv01) #2

I don’t know where that file is but I did a search and found a good tutorial.
It doesn’t explain every button function but it may be of help.

(DAK) #3

Yes I have read this page. But it’s a far cry from explaining the buttons like the paper NaN had on the old site. I wonder if it was trashed or just collecting dust?