NaN radiosity S-Mesh info

In the old NaN days, there was a section on the site where it explained s-Meshes in depth, as well as env mapping. But most important, it had an explanation for all the radiosity buttons and what they did. I can not find this info anymore. All I ever find is very newbieish tutorials on running a basic radiosity scene.
Didn’t anyone copy this valuable section of the manual? I am a bit unpleased that Ton just locked everything out without a warning, or I would of made some backups. :frowning:


is this the file u r referring to?


No I think it was different, but the link you posted explains the same thing at least. Thankyou. Now I have to re-read this over, I am still confused as to elements vs patches. I assume element is a face that is emmiting light, and patch is just a face that recieves it. Or an emmiter can be a patch too?
I need some catching up to do here. Still trying to get the basics.


can this help you a bit?


and all with blend-files together with all the links:

hope it will work !!

ztony I’ve already checked out all the tutorials. Like I said, they are kind of newbiesh. I’m looking for a more in depth analysis. Like why my shadows look very pixelated, etc.

increase the samples value anf the BufSize

here is a good article on radiosity. also includes pseudocode implementation of a technique. I think he had explained a lot.

Umm , valar have you even used radiosity before? How on earth would you increase the buffer size and shadow samples in radiosity?
In any case, I can try and use filter elements, but this makes all the shadows totaly unreaslistic, depsite it anti-aliases them somewhat. But the #1 problem now, is that for some unknown reason some of my objects disapear in the render, only leaving a shadow behind. Strange, because I can see the objects in the final converted mesh. I am at a loss here, another blender bug?