NaN wireless a joke? Maybe not...

(Sensei) #1

Found an interesting article on wireless gaming. Personally I’m interested in the modelling animation side of things, not so much the gaming. Nevertheless, an interesting read.


(Green) #2

we were supposed to have 100 million bluetouth thingies sold by now, werent we?

A mobile phone is mostly used to call people.
And it does that right now.

Predictions my ass. The people making them havto sound exiting, otherwise no one reads them.

(steve343) #3

wireless gaming is not much more than a gimmic but gimmics sell things and sales attract investors. u might think sega is dead now but its actually now one of the biggest software producers even scaring ea and one of the things that saved them was wireless games (in japan)i have seen chu chu rocket (great game) working on a mobile (in a vid) now that would beat snake anyday.