Nano photography of a mosquito


I have doing this render of a mosquito with blender 2.65.3 cycles hair.


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Like it, very creepy. Nice work on the eyes too. Are the hairs on the two feelers coming from below the eyes supposed to be that uniform in real life? Looks great though.

I like close up render on such subjects. This is very well done, I have no references in front me but that looks credible. Honestly I see nothing to criticize that could bring a plus in your scene. Maybe some more color variation !? It looks perhaps a bit too much monochrome. But I don’t dislike that at all on my side.

Bref, bien joué :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea; great use of hair!
If you ever come back to this (or another bug render), you could try adding a material that mimics the (I believe this is the correct word) iridescent quality of insect eyes. This would really make a render pop, I believe.
But this is excellent as it is. A slightly higher resolution texture/bump (along the leg in the foreground at least) is my only other suggestion. Well done!

Thank you all for these comments.
I touched the texture of the legs and the curve of the hair.


amazing work!