NANO - Sci-Fi Short Film with Blender 3D integration

Hey everyone! We finally released a new sci-fi short film on our YouTube channel. As always Blender played an integral part in the VFX department, although most compositing work happened in After Effects. The film is in German but I added English subtitles!

I want to thank the BlendSwap users whose models I used! If there is some interest I will consider finally contributing to BlendSwap and uploading the “nanomorph” model, although it really is a very simple design. I will upload a breakdown video of the various VFX in the next few days.

Our little film poster:

Screen grabs:

Nice job! Interaction with the world was very realistic. My eye cannot detect any major flaws.

Looking at the video, the short film is not making full use of the videos dynamic range. It feels under exposed. The blacks are crushed, Your whitest whites look grey, and the highlights on the skin, are dark. I don’t know if you underexposed to hide the 3d work, or if it is because the computer system is different. But if your editing software has a waveform and vectorscope, you should take a look at them, so you can have a more objective view of your levels.

Thanks, I’m glad to hear (or read) that!

The video has actually been rather painfully color-graded and finished up with an Osiris LUT by VisionColor. The overall feel is indeed very dark and the black point is not at 0, so that must be where your impression is coming from. It may be a matter of taste, but I can assure, it is 100% intentional.

As promised, a video breakdown of most of the visual effects in NANO: