this is another thingie i started with, i call it “Nano - Boots” and it’s a little play on words
as you might see.

A very early version with texturing done in 5 minutes.

C&C are welcome.

have a nice night out there. And don’t fear the nanos

THAT is cute! so, fess up-did you use IOR etc to get the diffraction? or how?

Thats sweet! The magnifying glass around the edges are sweet! When I first heard of the title I thought that the boots were going to be “nano” not the body. Still Sweet!

wow really cool effect with the glass… big thumbs up


yes the distortion is made with IOR set to 1.19 in the Ray-Transparency Panel.
AND rendered with Ambient Occlussion 10 und random sampling.

Today i’ll do more work on it, i wished i had more time for it.

Thanks again.


had some spare time today and tested some material setting,
something like this was in my mind the last days, there will be a better
hires skintexture, and even some leather for the boots.

Just a small update :

after a long time of life without blender i started playing around again and edited the nanoboot, now he/she/it (still not sure) has arms and a completely reworked material. But in the render SSS isn’t enabled due to render time.

Comments and Critics are always welcome

Wow nice texturing job. The arms look a little fat where they meet the body but other than that they look great.

Just another little update, he got a tail and one small posing with the armature setup that took me
more than 2 hours, with skinning, and it’s not yet complete.
Also added a shape key, but you can’t really see this.

Yea looks a lot better. Great job man! This is looking good. Can’t wait to see the final render!

Eh, the pose doesn’t look very natural. What is he supposed to be doing?

Hello, what shall i say ?
The pose doesn’t mean anything or he shouldn’t really do something special,
yesterday at night i finished the first part of the rigging and skinning, and the pose was only done to test how a movement of multiple bones looks on the mesh.

And by the way, you aren’t a thread-killer Guitar87

Hehe, only time will tell…

Well, if that pose was just a test for the bones and movement and such, then good job! Can’t wait to see the final render on this thing. Some SSS would look good, too, on the little guy.

Yes one of the earlier pictures, that without arms and the blue background, has been rendered with SSS, but at this moment it just boosts rendertimes dramatically, so i decided to do the final testing, when anything else (rigging,skinning,animation) has been done. There is still a problem with the material setting, cause the Body and the boots are a joined mesh, due to the rigging, but the joining somehow messed up the boots texture. All in all, a lot of work to do.

But anyway thanks for your comments

Yeah, well good luck with sorting that texture problem out. I’ll take a look at the above post with SSS.

Ah, yes, very good. Can’t wait for the end result!

Looking good! Maybe you should improve the boots texturing. it looks kinda awkward. I think its the bump map that makes it look like it has veins.

Yes, your right, the boots are looking terrible at this stage, but i think
i 'll replace them by another style of boots members of (german user group)
suggested it, i think the actual state is still a trial and error version.

I’ll keep this thing updated


How are you doing the skin texture? Sculpted? Bump or displace?
I will (hopefully) be working on a model with a textured skin like that (some day) and will need that.

Hi Dgebel,

It’s not just one texture its 4, basically, the colouring is done with a human skin texture image, then i took a second image of leather and applied that as a bump(nor)-map, with a slightly increased standard-value, because the skin texture looks too uniform i applied a further colouring texture, based on blenders parametric clouds texture type, and finally a noise-texture that gives him some pores through nor-mapping, although this might not really be seen in that small-res renderings.

The two image based texture were applied by UV-Mapping, although not very
precisely at this moment, as it was just for testing.

It’s not really hard to do this texturing, learn how to uv-map that helped me, cause
it boosts the images quality compared to parametric textures only.

Did a slightly longer test anim, about 7 second.

C&C are welcome