BackiZ, Mystery00, BrianH and I held a 30 minutes smc with the topic nanobot. this are the results:





bakiz how did ya make the tentacles?

I made them with curves. One bezier circle and one not cyclic bezier curve.
Go to the editbuttons of the non-cyclic curve and enter the objectname of the other curve in the BevOB and TaperOB box. Done :smiley:
lol 20 votes is really much, thx people!

Mahn, I must say you always have the same basic lightning on your SMC’s, BackiZ

Is that positive or negative (basic) ? I redo it everytime btw :wink: Assigning materials often results in ugly renders. Because there is no time to tweak them over and over. So the blue works the best.

ooo ive been looking for this. :smiley: