nanoworld [updated]

hi, my very first pic with blender :smiley: , to understand newbie features, mblur, light and the SEM effect explain in blenderman.

c and c!

First of all, Welcome to Elysiun!

It’s a pretty good first image, much better than mine. The only thing I would
say you should do is add some small bumps to the blood vessel wall. To do
that you can just use a stucci texture with a small bump size set to nor map.

P.S. If you haven’t done so, you should probably get a copy of the Blender
Guide from

Good for a first image and does have a good SEM effect to it.

BTW: what is the little black thing in the light of the nanobots.

Don’t SEM images usually have some sort of coloring? Perhaps I’m mistaken but I think your image would be much more striking if it did. You might also want to consider some more contrast in the image. Right now it looks a little bit flat (not very don’t worry) whereas, most SEM images I’ve seen seem to have a very strong sense of depth to them. Any thoughts on this anyone?

Welcome to Elysiun and congratulations on your first post :smiley: Great first scene!

SEM pics are pretty much how he did in his pic (which is great btw :slight_smile: ). Sometimes they go in after and colour it up to make it look pretty. I’ll dig around on my comp, I may still have some SEM pics of some cloth fibres.

EDIT: Found them. Here is one

some kind of volumetric fx would be nice. Mist or something like that

first of all, thanks for the comments, I’ll keep working on this

hmm, I’m not sure, something that shouldnt be there :slight_smile:

thanks. I know it sounds offtopic ;), but what program did you use to make those measurements on the pic?

Hehe I don’t actually know. The guy put the sample in the machine for me and showed me how to move the picture around. The yellow lines were just drawn on (like a line in mspaint) with whatever software the machine was using and the computer calculated the distance (which I then typed in beside the line). The scale bar was put in automatically.

Very good for your first indeed!

I don’t have any crits, well done :slight_smile:


hi again, i’ve added some normal to textures as somebody recommended and play a bit with ramp shaders too :slight_smile:
here it is

It would be cool if you could put in like a white blood cell or a virus :smiley:
It’s cool as hell though!

Yes ! Very good :slight_smile: And it’s an original idea

another update (and probably last one)
thanks for all those c and c :wink:

Nice :slight_smile: Blur is render good (hum, if I not clearly, tell me :wink: )